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    I am 17 years old have been working full time for about 2 years, still in high school. I am thinking about investing in stocks but am not really sure how to get into it. Does anyone have any advice. I have about 1000-2000 dollares to start with and if i loose it. It will not kill me
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    Apple would be a good company to invest in. GE would also be a nice one.Try to see if your high school offers a finance class because that was extremely helpful for me when I took it. Plus it was an easy A :)

    There are books like the "investing for dummies" and what not.

    My parents recommended to me some books by Dave Ramsey. It appears he has his radio show on finance, mostly about debt but he does touch issues like emergency funds and how to properly invest. I have yet to check them out but I have heard great reviews.
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    I would suggest reading up on investing at a site like Motley Fool. They have some very good tips on how to start investing. Also check out their investing page for information about the various types of investments that exist. Knowing the "right" stocks to get into can be tricky and takes a fair amount of time. I would recommend starting out with index funds. If you do choose to invest in individual stocks, don't invest in more than you can follow.

    I am turning 20 next month and I follow the markets fairly closely. I don't have any stock investments at the moment (just a small IRA), but I plan to invest some money next fall. Whenever I'm in my room during the day, I turn on CNBC to see what analysts are saying. Also, I like to look up any potential investments on Morningstar. Even without buying a premium membership, you can still get good information from their site.

    Good luck with your investing. :)

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