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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by bob5820, Sep 21, 2006.

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    Anyone have one of these set up for their dog. I'm having one installed in about a week for Chasey my Boxer. I'm just wondering what other peoples experiences have been, particularly with leaving the dog out while not at home. I know that this depends a lot on the particular dog, but I'd still like to hear how other have made out. I'm getting the fence from Dogwatch who use an FM vs an AM system that is suppose to cut down on interference. My neighbor has the same system and likes it.
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    There are some practical problems with invisible fencing. They don't prevent other animals from coming in and hassling your fuzzy pals. If the system goes down, your pet can wander off and be afraid to cross back in. Long-haired dogs need to have their necks shaved regularly so that the electrode is able to administer the punishment. You'll also have to ask yourself if you're able to live with a punishment system. And if you forget to change the battery in the pet's collar, the entire system fails to work.

    On the other hand, if you are in an area where zoning or property covenants don't allow you to use a proper fence, this is far, far better than nothing.
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    My friend works for his dad who owns one of these companies, so I've heard plenty about it all.

    From what I've seen, once the dogs are trained to recognize the fence, they learn fast where it is located, and even without the collar on, they will still avoid coming close to the fence.

    Except it's pretty expensive... :)
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    We have put in an electric fence for my dog at this house, our last house, and our house before that one.

    It works great, just make sure you get a powerful enough collar. My dog is pretty buff, and as he grew older he wouldn't be afraid to go through. Make sure that you use high quality wire. At my old house the wire that came with it was pretty cheep and over a few years it broke in places and had to be redone. That led to him escaping, running down the street, and biting my neighbors chickens which created a near lawsuit situation and a $600 medical bill for a fricken chicken (we know the vet and he said don't worry about the bill, he had chickens and his dogs killed 5 of them in 2 days). Keep in mind a chicken costs like $1.50.

    But it works great and gives the dog a lot of much wanted freedom.
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    It's basically an electric fence. The dog wears the electric part, which only zaps if the dog wanders over to the buried fence border (antenna). It's not enough to burn or anything, more like the unpleasant sensation you get when you stick your tongue on a 9V battery.
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    The success of the system rests entirely on the training. The name is a little misleading--its not so much a fence as it is a training tool. Be patient, take the time and train the dog properly, and it should contain the dog fine.

    IMHO, I wouldn't trust leaving the dog out all day on it. As stated before, it doesn't stop other animals, or people from entering your property. Its not a dogsitter. ;)
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    The citronella collars are available now for invisible fence training. They are more effective than shock collars, at least for barking.

    And in neither case would I simply set up the fence and count on it to contain a dog all day. You'll still need a fenced dog run or other confined area until you are sure your dog won't go running off. You can and will be held liable for any damages they do.

    I would use the invisible fence area as a play area for when you are home, then for brief excursions, then longer durations if the preceeding steps go well.
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    We are considering getting one for our new acquisition. Please can you let us know how it goes because it is also a Boxer.

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