invisible shield (or something similar) for just the bottom?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mdwsta4, Mar 4, 2011.

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    A few years ago I purchased an invisible shield protector for my old MBP. I was able to get just the bottom. Is there any where to buy a protector for just the bottom of my new MBP? I don't want the top or wrist area protected. Seems like a waste to buy a full protector when I'm only using one piece.

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    bestskinsever sells just the bottom piece (they sell many pieces separately).

    I just applied one last night (did the top and sides too). Went on nicely and was cut well. It's shiny/glossy with very minimal orange peel that you can only see if you angle the light just right.

    There are four cutouts for the feet and then slots for the bottom-plate screws. They are like U-shaped holes wherein the open end of the U runs out to the edge of the piece.

    Their prices are quite good and shipping for the whole skin was $2

    Wrapsol is more of a matte finish (whereas most of the other clear skins are shiny), but I don't know if they sell just the bottom piece.

    Edit: Just checked and it's not the bottom alone but bottom and sides (which makes sense because I think they were on the same backing sheet). I don't know which MBP you have but the 2009-2010 13" is $16.99 for that. The whole shebang (which adds the lid and the palmrests and trackpad) is $27.99

    By the way, I noticed they said this does not fit the 2011 MBP 13", but I can't see why it wouldn't? I was thinking the Thunderbolt port is the same as one of the current ports, but maybe the whole line of ports has stretched out. In any case, there is no strip covering the ports at all anyway, so it should just be a matter of trimming a bit off the one blunt end of the side strip. (I just looked at mine and there is about 1/8" between the end of the one side strip and the headphone jack (doesn't seem like it would be a big deal to me). I don't think there are any other "body" changes (?)
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