iNvite - send meeting invitations from your iphone/ipod

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by yk122, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. yk122 macrumors newbie

    Jun 1, 2009
    No more waiting to be near your computer in order to send meeting invitations.

    From now you can use iNvite from your iPhone/iPod touch to do it from anywhere in the world!

    With iNvite you can:
    • Create a new meeting iNvitation
    • Update an existing iNvitation
    • Cancel an existing iNvitation

    You can also add meetings/events to your own calendar by sending an iNvitation to your email.

    Note: you can check for some of the known settings in our support site

    Tip: you can select your recipients from your contact list by pressing the ‘Add’ button while the email address field is empty.

    What’s new in version 1.1:
    • Added support for localization (now supports English, Hebrew, and almost full support for French and Spanish).
    • Updated the date/time fields to support your regional settings.
    • Added help in the settings, to clarify the details you have to fill.
    • Changed the Add button in the Recipients list to 2 icons:
      one for Search (to open your contact list, this one is shown when the email address field is empty)
      and one for Add (to add the typed email address).
    • Added 3 more options to the settings:
      - Remember last use (remembers the fields content for next use).
      - Clear after sending (after the iNvitation is sent, the fields will be cleared).
      - Use localization (allows you to disable the localization and go back to English if you don’t like the translation).
    • Few fixes

    Available in the App Store
  2. allanweinman macrumors newbie

    Jun 19, 2009

    Very interested in this app.

    Is the calendar a seperate calendar or is it integrated with the iphone/ipod touch calendar?

    Where is your support site?

  3. yk122 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 1, 2009

    the application does not access your iphone's calendar and it does not have an internal one..

    it just allows you to send a meeting invitation/update it/cancel it from your iphone/ipod to any other device/computer that knows how to handle this type of messages (outlook/gmail/iphone with exchange accout/etc.)

    the home page is at
    you can use the contact form from there if you need more information or support.

  4. WinstonMac macrumors newbie

    Feb 11, 2008
    Very Cool but...


    This is cool. But I'm a current user of a Blackberry and have successfully avoided Exchange although I use Outlook and Entourage at work and home respectively. All appointments and invites get sent and accepted every direction without flaw. I'm think of switching to the iPhone - my BBerry is finally slowing down after being well traveled - but does iNvite receive/accept invites from Outlook or Entourage. Many times I'm out of the office and my assistant adds or changes an appointment. I need to accept these changes. I've tested this with friends iPhones and it doesn't really work without Exchange. Can you be the hero that solves this problem and helps me make the switch?

  5. yk122 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 1, 2009

    the quick answer to this question is: iNvite does not receive replies..
    the long answer will make you more satisfied:
    the iphone, since OS version 2 was able to receive meeting invitation in it's mail client and had the ability to let you send accept/maybe/decline response (with one catch - the mail account that receives the meeting invitation must be set as an Exchange account and have the calendar sync with it).
    the one thing that was missing was the ability to send meeting invitation from the iphone, and that where iNvite came to the rescue..
    however, since OS version 3 was out, if you have an Exchange account set, you can also send meeting invitations from the built in calendar, and iNvite is only there for you if you don't have an exchange account..

    so whether iNvite can help you or not, it's up to your use, but the iphone today has the abilities you are seeking, so you don't have to wait anymore...

    i hope it helped..
  6. yk122 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 1, 2009
  7. eliran8697 macrumors newbie

    Oct 19, 2010
    lol almost 5000 views and 7 replys
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  8. yk122 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 1, 2009

    please contact me at and let me know all the details there.
    i'll be glad to help..

  9. yk122 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 1, 2009

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