iOS 10.3 Beta 1


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May 20, 2017
Yes there is something going wrong. Had issues with carplay on this beta with my Audi A3. Lost 4G-connection and it never ever reconnected. Only a reboot of my iPhone 7 fixed the problem. Back on 10.2.1 its running flawlessly.
I have had a similar problem too any drives me crazy.
I had a Kenwood DNX893S installed (supposedly top of the line). And without fail apple play will randomly disconnect at least once every 5-15 minutes, which will kill anything it's doing including phone calls.

I spoke to Kenwood and installer who just blamed apple but there is no way I know of to involve apple on a car issue
- tested with iPhone 5, 6, 7 iOS versions ranging 9-10.2
-reset radio

Still same issue. If anyone knows how to fix or involve apple for help that would be great
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