IOS 10.3 cause applications instability

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by newhere222, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. newhere222 macrumors newbie

    Apr 10, 2017
    Well, this is something new for me.
    Never had this problem before, had a reat time until 10.3, when i did the update, a few hours/day will pass and it can happen by a stuck application screen (when you go back to an app), it just opens and freeze, or when i close an app task (double tap home), and then restart the app and then the icon gets darker but the app wont open, pressing again does the same thi ng, pressing home button again will look like it closed the app but nothing was shown anyway.

    Unfortunetly 10.3.1 didnt fix it, and i tried full restore (with backup) from itunes and the problem persists.
    New iPhone 7+, never had this problems (bought when released in 2016), untill i foolishely updated to 10.3.

    My iPhone is a nightmare now.
  2. smorrissey, Apr 11, 2017
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    smorrissey macrumors 65816

    Mar 12, 2015
    Last night the Apple Music just frozen and crashed on my ipt6, never happened to me such a serious freeze, Today i performed a clean ios install hope that fix that kind of behaviour.
  3. TwoBytes macrumors 68030


    Jun 2, 2008
    I've got this too but my phone exhibits this only when i'm at home. Resetting network settings fixed this for me but the problem came back. I have a feeling the issue is linked to my mac as it only happens when my mac is on. Not sure if this helps but try to test your phone outside of your home enviorment away from macs that you are logged in with an icloud account.
  4. cswifx Suspended


    Dec 15, 2016
    I actually get full device freezes (no touch response at all) occasionally when in Safari. A lock and unlock fixes it, but I have no idea why it happens or how it happens.
  5. smorrissey macrumors 65816

    Mar 12, 2015
    Well i'm back =(

    I performed a full clean ios 10.3.1 installation last night and this morning a different app (flipboard) is frozen in the background on my Ipod Touch 6.

    Guess i'm gonna open a report thread on the Apple Forums.

    I should mention that so far i haven't had any issues (except a little less battery life) with my ipad air 2 on ios 10.3.1 too.
  6. C DM macrumors Westmere

    Oct 17, 2011
    Are Apple forums different/better in some way?
  7. smorrissey, Apr 12, 2017
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    smorrissey macrumors 65816

    Mar 12, 2015
    I have you on ignore but i read your quote my bad.

    But i'm gonna answer you, yes they are different, if you gather a bunch of people posting the same issue they are gonna fix it sooner or later believe it.

    However i'm pretty tired of that place and some of the people trying to help they insist that nobody at Apple read all those threads only "free" volunteers....aha....

    God gives us a brain to use it if Apple OWNS those forums the least they could do it to READ them from time to time, no need to deny that or being Einstein but those people are kind of a pita to be fair.

    Having said that i'm a little surprised this thread has no more posts, i assume people is on vacation, today i found 2 more persons with the same problematic after upgrading to ios 10.3.1 apps freezing or even worst the whole phone specially during the morning when waking it up.

    Not saying EVERYBODY is affected but i'm pretty sure there are many out there...
  8. simonsi macrumors 601


    Jan 3, 2014
    Apple read their own feedback mechanism and bug reports made, I doubt they sit reading even forums they officially host, its just not a good use of their time.
  9. TwoBytes macrumors 68030


    Jun 2, 2008
    Try my suggestion as we may have the same issue. Use your phone away from any macs at home. Spend the day with your phone somewhere else and see how it goes as this works for me.
  10. smorrissey macrumors 65816

    Mar 12, 2015
    I doubt that, i havent said they are reading each single thread in their forums either but if one gets enough complaints of course they are gonna be aware of it.

    However i'm pretty sure they are not reading the macrumors forums for the same purpose lol
  11. C DM macrumors Westmere

    Oct 17, 2011
    That's generally the better way of going about it. It's not to say that having discussions about things here or Apple forums or other places couldn't be of some benefit, just that it's not that much different there vs. here or somewhere else (compared to filing a bug with Apple let's say, which still often enough doesn't get that much movement).
  12. CTHarrryH macrumors 68000

    Jul 4, 2012
    I think Apple reads all legitimate forums - they would be stupid not to. They may never directly react but they tell Apple or any company what is on people's minds. Sure there are threads they may pay no attention to but it takes very little effort to read and a lot less than an important item they may miss. Doesn't mean they put things into their queues based upon forums but I'm sure it all goes into consideration.

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