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Sep 22, 2015
So I'm using the new Home app on iOS 10.

I have an Apple TV 3rd Gen, which acts as my home hub.

As well as some HomeBridge accessories, I am also running 2x Elgato Eve Thermo TRVs in my home.

Almost every time I open up the home app, or control center, my Eve Thermos just sit there "updating" for ages. (see attached screenshot)

Why, when I have a Home Hub, that should be regularly polling my devices, do I have to sit there and wait, staring at --, when my HomeHub should know what the temperature was at the last poll?

I should add that my Eve app displays the last known temperature, but it's so out of date, that it's probably just last time I opened the app.

Is there something wrong with my Eve's, with HomeKit itself, or with my setup?


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Mar 30, 2016
San Francisco, CA
The Apple TV 3rd generation isn't a true Home Hub - iOS 10 requires an Apple TV 4 to do that. The Apple TV 3 enables remote access, that's about it. Email me directly at adam (at) elgato (dot) com and I'm happy to help get to the bottom of this issue.


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Sep 22, 2015
Turns out the issue was due to the devices having identical Siri Names. As they were both called "Eve Thermo." I noticed also that in the Eve app, the history was missing 9 days of data.

As soon as I renamed them in the Eve app, the data started to show up, and the devices updated faster on the Control centre.

The other thing I did was to set my AppleTV to always on... but that didn't seem to fix it (I never switched it back off)

It still Updates every time, but at least now it displays the old temperature on the dot.


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May 13, 2008
This has been happening to me almost constantly this past week. I recently added a bunch of HomeKit accessories to my home (9 iDevices switches and 2 Philips Hue bulbs connected to the Bridge) and I'm using my Apple TV 4 as the hub.

I'm running iOS 10.2.1 but this happened under 10.2 as well. Every time I open the Home app, all my devices say "updating" indefinitely. It usually takes me quitting and relauching the app a few times before I can get any of them to be recognized by the app, but even then I almost always have one or two marked as "not responding."

The Apple TV in question does get put to sleep when not in use...could that be an issue? I also read somewhere that assigning static IP addresses could help, but I def don't want to do all that if that's not the issue. I'm also using a most recent gen Airport Express as my router with the most recent firmware.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate it...this is driving me nuts.
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