IOS 10 hangs up upon accepting calls

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by python0704, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. python0704, Feb 22, 2017
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    I believe it's a bug in IOS 10. I use iPhone 6 Plus with latest IOS. Many times when I try to answer a call, it accepts and hangs up immediately with the call time shows 0:00. It happens when I try to answer call from the same carrier(Tmobile) and different carrier(Tmobile-ATT). And my wife's iPhone 6S Plus (latest IOS) has the same behavior, too. We had to call each other many times to get the call through. Does anyone have the similar problems?

    Update: Resolved

    I finally complained this to my carrier and they suggested change the LTE to data only instead of voice and data. From the past few days it seems like the issue was gone. Not a single hang up so far.
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    Thats also a symtom of any of many possible issues in the carrier's network (faults, load etc), weak signal and a myriad other possibilities. Given how long iOS 10 has been out if it was a prevalent issue on a core function like that I'd expect to have seen forums burning down. I've certainly never seen anything other than very transient such issues and no particular version of iOS has been better or worse, nor any particular hardware (iPhone 4/4s/5s/6) that I have experienced.
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    I updated my iPhone 6 from iOS 9.3.5 to iOS 10. Since then, the calling system is entirely changed. Not only the carrier calls but also the other calls from any other apps shows as a regular call. This didn't happened when I was using iOS 9.3.5.

    But the calls never hangs up. Maybe once (maybe), but that's literally one time.
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    Sounds like you are talking about CallKit support that was added in iOS 10. That shouldn't have really changed much as far as regular calls go though.

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