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Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by macgeek88, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. macgeek88 Suspended

    Jan 16, 2013
    I love iOS 10 in general, but I'm not liking this new Music app. The last one on iOS 9 wasn't much better. Most of my music is from ripping CDs into iTunes and some of the albums won't show up in the app both on 9 and 10. But now with iOS 10 GM and MacOS Sierra GM when I copy any song to any device in iTunes, it strips its album artwork on both the device and on the Mac unless it was purchased music from the iTunes Store.

    So basically I now have no music anywhere but on my Mac as I removed it all from each device. I had to readd all of the artwork back on my Mac (luckily easy due to iTunes find album artwork.

    Any ideas for free Music app alternatives that you can load your songs into on iOS?
  2. Shirasaki macrumors 604


    May 16, 2015
    Free alternatives? Load songs into iOS?
    Well, Marvis is what I use. nPlayer is also another interesting app, but free version has too many nags.
    Both are not entirely free if you want to use happily.
    Oh, I embed album artworks manually, and unless there is no album artwork available all of them shows correctly in iOS 10 music app.

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