ios 11.0.1 fixes music synching limit with AW3.

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by richard371, Sep 26, 2017.

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    Thats good news. I wasn't getting it with 11.0 and last night, I managed to sync nearly 12 gig to the watch last night so the 2gb limit didn't seem to apply. Took over an hour and its not my entire music collection but it will have to do.
  3. igrover, Sep 26, 2017
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    I am also able to sync more music however when I check the number of songs in the General > About > tab it still shows the same number of songs and storage size despite my adding new playlists. And I did check the playlists to make sure all the songs transferred over to the watch.

    Update: For some reason the total number of songs and storage limit are now updating. Probably because I shut down and restarted the phone.
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    Between an hour or two for 12gb of music is a HUGE improvement over the Series 2. My Series 2 would have needed 2 days.

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