iOS 11 Beta 2: Changes, Bug Fixes, Enhancements, etc.

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Oct 18, 2008
**This beta was re-seeded on June 26, 2017 by Apple. The new seed is 11.0 (15A5304j).**
For more information, see this article.

Build Number:
15A5304i / 15A5304j
Darwin Kernel Version: 17.0.0 Tue Jun 13 21:19:50 PDT 2017
Release Date: 6/21/17
Release Notes:

Previous betas: [ Beta 1 ]

Available on

iPhone 5s and later
iPad mini 2, iPad (5th Generation), iPad Air and later, all iPad Pro
iPod touch 6th generation

New Features

- Send with Echo is now orange to differentiate the original message and the echo ones
- Editing a photo in Photos has been moved to the top right corner
- Do Not Disturb While Driving feature is available with settings under Do Not Disturb in Settings
- An additional hierarchy has been added to control center settings, along with the option to enable Control Center within apps
- Uploading to a image upload website (Example: now uploads a .PNG instead of an .HEIC, which allows images to be uploaded like they should
- Modified AirPlay menu behavior in Music to reflect Control Center. (video coming soon)
- Added button to access AirPlay from lock screen ‘Now Playing’ screen
- Bolder font in Calendar icon on Home Screen
- Batteries widget now identifies the Smart Battery Case as ‘Smart Battery Case’ (previously called ‘Battery Case’)
- Search in Music is now more specific and bolder
- Detailed Control Center views on iPad will now appear where the button was long pressed, instead of in the center of the screen

Bug Fixes

- Search is back in YouTube App
- New jump top of the screen animation (Please provide screencast)
- Music Player of Control Center now shows iPhone Music if there is no app playing
- Files App now shows OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, PDF Expert as sources (still no Dropbox for me)
- Jumping to the top of the screen now works if you click directly on the clock (had to click on either side of the clock in Beta 1)
- Now Playing on lock screen and control center now shows album artwork
- 3D Touch in Photos app is working correctly with no delay
- Issue where images in Photos app were pixelated
- Status bar color fixed in Calculator app (changed to white, was black in Beta 1)
- App Store now shows each app update button instead of open. (can update separately now)
- Inserting a Vodafone SIM no longer causes a boot loop


- 3D Touch is very buggy on home screen
- Safari content blockers are still broken or require workarounds (as described in the B1 Bugs notes). EDIT: Installed a clean install of B2 over a fresh install of 10.3.2 on an Air 2; no more issues with loading filters, and the News and Safari apps work as expected.
- Apps may persist after app updates (experienced on iP6S and iP6S+). Double-click the Home Button, flick the App Store to dismiss it, click the Home Button to return to the previous state, and the App Store is still present; a restart was needed to temporarily return to normal behavior. EDIT: Restarts offer a temporary measure of resolving this; this bug returns, randomly, in time
- App Switcher bugs: Last app usually won't close making it hard to use the app switcher to go to the home screen. Sometimes swiping up on an app just results in it sliding back down again! A direct poke to the screen outside of the App Switcher may help to reduce recurrence of this bug. It registers taps as swipes thus causing apps to slide back down.
- System haptic are very sharp and make a strange sound (can be turned off in Settings/Sounds and still maintain 3D Touch haptic + Home Button)
- Only one notification showing on Cover Sheet/History/ Notification Centre for a mail received as copies in multiple mail accounts on iPhone (as copies of one single mail) concurrently/ in close chronological separation
- New mail notifications for mails received in favorited folders are not showing in notification centre /Cover sheet/ History
- Weather app shows Sunrise instead of Sunset.
- Four finger Swipe Up to Switcher erratic on iPad(mini 2)
- Attempting to share to iCloud Drive using new "save to files" share sheet, once clicking on icloud drive, causes app to lock up. Consequently saving to icloud drive via share sheet is not possible. Still works in iWork.
- Safari page will randomly but frequently jump to the bottom of webpage when attempting to reply using the box at the end of each thread in macrumors.
- Last opened tab in safari will randomly fail to reload after quitting the app, using other apps or a device restart.
- Erase all contents and settings not working in the Settings
- Safari now will randomly not properly load a webpage. Refresh does not work. Only solution is to copy the link and open it in a new tab, and close the previous broken tab.
- Cover sheet (Notification Center) is not available in landscape mode while rotation lock is on and within an app.
- Changing App Store region via switching to a different account may cause the App Store fail to switch. The only workaround is switching the region in iTunes Store App, and return to App Store to let it switches to the new region.
- Attempting to remove blocked callers crashes Settings app without unblocking the caller.

Carrier Versions

United States
  • Verizon - 28.5.61
  • Verizon iPads - 28.5.5
  • T-Mobile - 28.5.23
  • AT&T - 28.5.35
  • MetroPCS -
  • U.S. Cellular -
United Kingdom
  • O2-UK - 28.5.8
  • Bt-uk - 28.5.6
  • Three - 28.5.16
  • EE - 28.5.18
  • Vodafone UK - 28.5.13
  • O2-DE -
  • - 28.5.13
  • - 28.5.17
Southeast Asia
  • Singapore Singtel -
  • Thailand AIS - 28.5.14
  • Meteor 25.5.4

  • Videotron 28.5.9
  • Rogers 28.5.16
  • Fido - 28.5.16


  • TIGO GT - 28.5.7
  • Optus - 28.5.12
  • Docomo - 28.5.16
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Shout out to everyone who is going to try Inverted Colors Mode the second their screens come back on :p
The first post in this thread is a WikiPost, and can be edited by anyone with the appropriate permissions.
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