iOS 11 Efficiency on iPhone 7 & 7+

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by Freakonomics101, Mar 7, 2017.

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    So I've been wondering about this for awhile, and kind of excited to get the first beta and to watch the WWDC of 2017.

    I've seen a couple rumors on YouTube about iOS 11 being "rewritten" and more efficient. EverythingApplePro if anyone is wondering. iOS 11 is supposed to have support for 64bit devices only, which would make the efficiency rumor have some truth to it. In the past, every time, I've seen older iPhones with the next gen iOS receive a depreciation with battery life. I'm one of those people who is a stickler with that.

    I currently own a 7+. With all these rumors flying around about the iPhone 8, there's one rumor that states the iPhone 8 will have similar battery life to the 7+ on iOS 10. Since iOS 11 is rumored to be more efficient, what are your thoughts on the 7 and 7+ with iOS 11? Performance will obviously be similar, the same, or even better. But what about battery life? I would love Apple to break the consistency of the battery life subject for old 'new' iPhones.

    What do you think? Would love to hear other's thoughts, opinions and predictions.
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    Also didn't realize the picture I used was in another thread. Just found this on Google Images. My bad!!!
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    Noone knows anything. Not even if they claim they do.

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