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Apr 17, 2017
Cupertino, CA
iOS 12.2 Beta 1

Release Date ― January 24, 2018
Build Number ― 16E5181f
Darwin Kernel Version ― 18.5.0: Sun Jan 13 21:01:59 PST 2019; root:xnu-4903.250.305~10/

iOS 12.2 Beta 1 Release Notes

New Features & Changes
  • High and low heart rate notifications and irregular heart rhythm notifications are now available as read-only category sample types in HealthKit
  • Apple News will be available in Canada with iOS 12.2, and is now available for Canadian users on the developer beta. Apple News in Canada supports both English and French. Readers can access a bilingual experience when they follow a channel in a second language
  • Added the ability to control access to TV using the Home app
  • Redesigned Apple TV Remote in the Control Center with support for AirPlay 2 TV
  • New Screen Mirroring icon in the Control Center
  • New AirPlay icon when AirPlaying to certain devices
  • Revamped Wallet interface with the ability to "Add Money" option in Wallet when you select Apple Pay Cash card and easier to view last transaction detail
  • Added Safari Search Arrow to Google Search autofill section when tapping the arrow will add the text to the search field rather than simply conduct the search
  • Safari now display non-HTTPS website as "Not Secure" in the menu bar
  • Added “Motion and Orientation Access” option in Safari settings and removed “Ask Website Not to Track Me” with many new experimental features
  • Added the ability to display Air Quality Index in the Maps under Settings app
  • New music UI when asking Siri to play a song
  • Added ability to browse by Films category in the TV app in the US
  • Added support for "Hey Siri" on AirPods 2
  • Added ability to customize Downtime in Screen Time by the days of the week
  • Added ability to enable full trust for root certificate in the Certificate Trust Settings
New Issues
  • Some iPhone and iPad may encounter an error that Apple Pay is not available until it has been updated
  • FaceTime bug allows the person to hear your audio and video before they answer
  • Gmail Account "Mail server is not responding" when trying to check mail. Gmail accounts won't save when being added in "Passwords & Accounts".
  • Status bar sometimes disappears from the Home Screen after 3D touching through options in Control Center. Status bar appears when apps are open. Only way to fix is to reboot.
  • When opening the Apple TV remote widget from the Now Playing widget, the GUI at the bottom of the screen doesn’t fill in the curves of the screen correctly. Note: doesn’t apply to when opening the remote widget directly from its own button.
Remaining Issues
  • You might be unable to authenticate within Wallet after selecting a card
  • You might be unable to purchase a prepaid data plan using cellular data
  • Siri doesn’t work in iOS simulators
  • More evidence notifications are being buggy mess:
  • Lock screen orientation glitch in the Control Center: If you have screen orientation lock enabled, and then change the state of "Increase Contrast" in Settings, for example enable it, your lock orientation icon will be fully white instead of red. Video: Here
  • Lock screen lock disappears: Swipe on the lockscreen for a few times, after some time, your lock status will disappear. Video: Here. If you happen to reproduce it while your phone is unlocking, you will get something like this, the notifications will get glitched.
  • Some apps like Google Maps and Clash Royale will lag on iPhone X and above: Open the affected app, for example Google Maps. Do not do anything else, just minimize your brightness to the lowest. Now, you will see the app's FPS number has been drastically decreased, try to do circles in the map, you will see it is laggy. To make it smooth again, you can: A) Start screen recording or B) Increase brightness.
  • Folder in Dock bug - swipe to widgets and then back to home screen: it will blink. Video: Here
  • Grouped notifications glitch - Expand, collapse and then expand again a grouped notification quickly, it will have a glitchy animation with DND. Video: Here
  • Notification Center bug: If you have a grouped notification in the notification center, make sure to delete till you have only one, then click the X next to the app and not the one next to "Notification Center". It will result in a glitch - Video: Here
  • Notification center missing background: Lock and unlock your phone. Then open an app, and quickly pull down the notification center. It won't have background for a few seconds.
  • If you have enough notifications to hide the time, then scroll down-up few times, the notifications will get glitched with the time. After you collapse the notifications, there will be a glitchy animation. Video: Here
  • On an iPhone X, XS, and XS Max, if your home screen have multiple pages, go to a different page other than main, then swipe up to get to your main page. After you quickly want to open anything in the Dock, you can't, you need to wait a few seconds to be able to do it. Video: Here
  • Lock screen time & lock status glitch: using your locked iPhone, swipe from right to left two times quickly. For the second swipe, your time and lock status will disappear. Video: Here
  • Landscape mode control center bug: Open anything in landscape mode, for example a YouTube video in full screen. Open your Control Center, swipe from right to left, then close CC. There will be a stuck bar at the top of your screen for a few seconds. Video: Here
  • App crash bug: Open the app switcher. Tap on an app, swipe it up to close, but while its closing tap on it - > glitchy crash. Video: Here
  • Adding the first widget in the available widgets list will have a glitchy animation. Video: Here
  • Safari: "add to home screen" - when there is just one home screen, it does not show the recently added icon. It does create a 2nd home screen page but when you swipe left the icon is missing. After a reboot or waiting for several minutes, the icon may appear.
  • Since iOS 11.4 still can’t initiate ‘album’ playback via Siri on the watch with music that is locally stored on phone.
  • When iCloud Keychain and text replacements are enabled, text replacement won’t be offered anymore when trying to login. The specific text replacement is overwritten with “Password”.
  • iMessage app sort order resets after a period of time from custom order to default order.
  • In Messages: using 3D Touch to Peak and Pop, or when rotating the screen orientation turns the iMessage app strip black (iPhone 7 only)
  • Sometimes, if you have no SIM inserted, you will see an old time to appear at the top of the screen. Video: Here
  • Opening app switcher in landscape mode will sometimes show old stuff that you did with the app before. Video: Here
  • On the home screen, scrolling to the second page, swiping up then holding the screen will cause the second page to disappear. Video: Here
  • Lockscreen blocking bug: Get to the passcode request page, then swipe up and down while not releasing the screen - this will cause the first line (1, 2, 3) to be unresponsive. Video: Here (I typed 1 to show that it was working)
Resolved Issues
  • UI on screen time box no longer has the bottom cropped/cut off
Additional Notes
  • Intel iPhone XR/XS/Max: 1.04.10
  • Qualcomm iPhone 8/8 Plus/X: 3.50.01
  • Intel iPhone 8/8 Plus/X: 2.03.02
  • Qualcomm iPhone 7/7 Plus: 5.50.02
  • Intel iPhone 7/7 Plus: 3.03.01
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus/SE: 7.50.01
  • iPhone 6S/6S Plus: 5.50.02
  • iPhone 5S: 10.50.01
  • Qualcomm iPad Pro 9.7: 5.50.02
United States
  • Verizon - 35.5.1
  • Visible (MVNO Verizon) 34.0
  • Verizon (iPad) - 35.0
  • T-Mobile - 35.5.1
  • T-Mobile (iPad) - 34.5
  • AT&T - 35.5.2
  • Cricket - 35.5.2
  • MetroPCS -
  • U.S. Cellular - 32.5.9
  • Sprint - 35.0
  • TracFone/Straight Talk/Walmart Family Mobile - 35.5.1
  • Xfinity Mobile 35.5.1
United Kingdom
  • EE - 35.5.1
  • BT-UK MVNO on EE- 35.5
  • Three - 32.5.8
  • O2-UK - 35.5
  • Vodafone UK - 35.0
  • Virgin Mobile MVNO on EE- 34.0
  • Orange B - 32.5.7
  • BASE - 33.0
  • Videotron -
  • Rogers - 35.5
  • Fido - 35.5
  • Bell - 35.0
  • Telus - 32.5.12
  • Freedom Mobile - 34.0
  • Orange France - 31.5.1
  • Orange Morocco - 31.5
  • O2-DE -
  • - 34.0.1
  • - 35.0.1
  • KPN -
Southeast Asia
  • Singapore Singtel -
  • Philippines Globe - 35.0
  • Philippines Globe (iPad) - 35.0
  • Philippines Smart - 31.5
  • Thailand AIS -
  • Malaysia Umobile - 33.0
  • Malaysia Maxis -33.0
  • Malaysia Digi -
  • Malaysia celcom -
  • Hong Kong - 32.0
  • Comviq -
  • Tre - 31.0
  • Salt - 35.5
  • Swisscom - 35.0
  • Eir - 33.5
  • Optus - 32.0
  • Telstra - 35.5
  • Turkcell (Lifecell) - 32.0
  • Vodafone TR - 32.0
  • Turk Telekom - 32.0
  • T-Mobile -
  • Orange - 32.0
  • Play - 31.0
  • Airtel - 35.0
  • Jio - 35.5.1
  • Jio (iPad) - 34.0
  • Vodafone - 35.5
  • Mexico - Telcel - 35.0
  • TIGO GT -34.0
OtherDocomo - 32.5.10
  • AlwaysOnline -
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Jul 31, 2015
iPhone 8+
I hope this finally resolves the WiFi disconnections and the low data rate that drags 12.1.2 and 12.1.3, for now I did a full restoration to 12.1.1 and everything works correctly.

Jack Delgado

macrumors regular
May 11, 2012
Showing up as 12.1.3 beta 4. I have removed profile and reinstalled.... hmm

Same. It will be addressed soon. I'm sure there's some internal mapping that still needs updated so that we are presented the 12.2 beta rather than 12.1.3 betas.


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Jun 11, 2013
SF Bay Area, CA
Off topic but are betas generally less smooth than stable versions? My phone feels like it runs better on stable versions, possibly due to the removal of logging tools or it could be a placebo?

looking forward to jumping back onto the beta train with 12.2 :)
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Original poster
Apr 17, 2017
Cupertino, CA
Off topic but are betas generally less smooth than stable versions? My phone feels like it runs better on stable versions, possibly due to the removal of logging tools or it could be a placebo?

I find the betas are solid like the stable version. You may run into some very minor bugs in my case. I rather have mines on betas than the official build because of security and improvement.


Nov 14, 2017
Downloading now and my IMac Mac OS got Beta 1 installing now also


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sorgo †

Feb 16, 2016
640.8 MB OTA coming from 12.1.3 beta 4 on iPad Mini 4 wi-fi.

781.3 MB OTA coming from 12.1.3 beta 4 on iPhone 8 Plus.
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