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iPhone iOS 13.7 LTE speed issues


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Apr 22, 2007
Starting with iOS 13.7, I've noticed the LTE network speeds occasionally slowing down to 0.1 Mbps even though the signal strength is 2 to 4 bars. A couple of times, the speeds went back up after I restarted the phone. But, it remained slow even after the restart. Only after changing to a different location did the network speed finally go back to normal.

On a camping trip into the eastern Sierras, this happened persistently. I would have 4 bars of LTE signal, but the apps would be only occasionally usable because the data speeds are so slow. Tried turning off LTE and see if I could pick up a 3G/3G+ network, but when I did that I got no service at all. It's a remote area with lots of coverage gaps to begin with, but I couldn't figure out why my phone showed a strong LTE signal when the data speed was less than 0.1 Mbps.

I only noticed this happening after updating to iOS 13.7. Are issues like this common with the Intel modems? After upgrading to an iPhone SE2 from an iPhone 5s, I looked forward to better reception in rural areas. While I did have network coverage in areas that I did not get with the iPhone 5s (which supports fewer LTE bands), my 5s never had problems with unusably slow LTE service in an urban/suburban area. And I never noticed anything with the SE either until after updating to iOS 13.7. Of course, it's not like I've traveled much outside my local area since buying the phone back in May, and I've been working from home.

My service is T-Mobile, and I'm a prepaid customer. I've already tried reinstalling the SIM, and resetting the network settings. I haven't tried looking over the field test mode results, so I don't know is this occurs with a specific band. But, the areas where this happens seem to be adjacent to weak reception areas or areas with no service.
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Jun 30, 2007
In my experience the strength of the signal does not necessarily indicate the data speed. T-Mobile says that I have a signal, but speed test tells me I have no data connection. Had an excellent signal in Antartica, but no data connection.
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