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Apr 17, 2017
Cupertino, CA
iOS 13 Beta 3

Release Date ― July 2, 2019 (17A5522f) / July 8, 2019 (17A5522g)
Build Number ― 17A5522f / 17A5522g
Darwin Kernel Version ― 19.0.0: Thu Jun 27 20:08:29 PDT 2019; root:xnu-6153.

iOS 13 Beta 3 Release Notes

Warning: Upgrade your iPhone to the newest available version of iOS 13 beta before upgrading any paired watches to watchOS 6 beta or a newer version of watchOS 6 beta

Warning: DO NOT upgrade your iCloud reminder unless all your major devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch) are upgraded to iOS 13, iPadOS 13, macOS Catalina or watchOS 6 respectively. Otherwise reminder sync will stop working on devices running iOS 12 or older, macOS Mojave or older, watchOS 5 or older.

New Features & Changes
  • Ignore Blocked Senders can now be enabled in Settings > Mail. The blocked contacts list is shared with Messages, FaceTime, and Phone
  • New purple color for archiving email in the Mail app
  • Noise Cancellation option with Beats in the Volume indicator
  • Full Page screenshot in any supported apps
  • New icon for Opacity in Markup tools
  • New animation for the Arcade section with preview in the App Store
  • New splash screen for the Message app
  • New splash screen for the Notes app
  • New privacy splash screen for Wallet app
  • When exiting the customization for Memoji, you will get Discard Changes or Keep Editing
  • Typing indicator for iMessage now shows a dark (...) bubble in the Message app when in Dark mode
  • Shortcut apps menu now shows an drawer for available apps
  • Home app will warn user about unsupported camera for secure recording
  • New animation when force touch any available Accessories in the Home app
  • New red asterisk for emergency contact
  • FaceTime Attention Correction for XS, XS Max and XR
  • Auto-Brightness option will give a custom menu of display options in Battery setting
  • New icon for Motion & Fitness in Privacy setting
  • New CarKitNightMode.bundle and Improve Maps option in System Services under Location Services setting
  • Markup is now Create PDF option in Safari Share Sheet
  • Scroll bar is now gray
  • Delete option is now red in the Files app
  • New Me tab in the Find My app
  • New "Close Other Tabs" when you hold down on a tab in Safari on iPad
  • Added icons for the option when you force touch any note
  • Added icon for Create Watch Face in Photos app
  • Added ability to change the cursor size for mouse input for iPad
  • Added support for more devices via USB
  • Updated Time Limit screen
  • Bolded CarPlay buttons
  • App name inside a folder in iPad has bold font.
New Issues
  • When tapping “Express Travel Pass” under “Wallet & Apple Pay”, it will crash Settings app every single time, whereas in beta 2, it would allow user to pick a payment card for transit system payment.
  • When transferring files from iPad to USB drives, Files app browses tab may become unresponsive and user cannot browse other file storage devices or storage providers. Also, the file transfer indicator is frozen. No progress is shown.
  • When syncing music from iTunes to iOS, artworks of playlist changes randomly each time sync is triggered, but they will not display the proper album artwork for that playlist. By default, it should pick first four album artworks available, not randomly.
  • When quitting guided access, the area where 6 circles are supposed to be is black. The passcode can still be entered and accepted though.
  • Security bug: “Website & App Passwords” and credit card autofill can be accessed by quickly tapping with two fingers without FaceID/TouchID authentication.
Remaining Issues
  • The EU volume limit warning might not appear when exceeding the maximum volume limit
  • Following an update to iOS & iPadOS 13, users with large photo libraries might need to wait for an extended period while their device displays the Apple logo with a progress bar
  • After upgrading to iOS 13 beta, locally-downloaded cloud items might move back to iCloud
  • Some home screen icons might display incorrectly in light mode for CarPlay
  • The garage door button might not appear in the CarPlay Dashboard
  • You might need to toggle the FaceTime Attention Correction setting at least once in order to disable it
  • When performing an action in Find My that generates an email, you might see references to the Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps
    • The “Notify when found” feature is currently unavailable
    • Apple Pay cards might remain suspended after a device exits Lost Mode
    • While iOS & iPadOS 13 remains in beta, offline-finding capability is limited
  • Dragging app icons from Spotlight currently has no effect. Instead, drag app icons from the Dock
  • Some items in Quick Action menus have unexpectedly large icons
  • Under certain conditions, your iCloud Drive might be missing data after upgrading to iOS 13 beta
    • Some documents might not download in iCloud Drive
    • The iCloud Drive section in Settings > General > iPhone Storage might inaccurately represent the current state of files on your device
    • When creating a new Pages, Numbers, or Keynote document in a shared folder, you might see the message: “Couldn’t connect to iCloud.”
    • When manually initiating iCloud backup from Settings > iCloud Account > iCloud > iCloud Backup > Back Up Now, the progress bar doesn’t complete. However, this doesn’t mean that the backup isn’t complete. Once the text below the progress bar changes from “Backing Up” to “Updating iCloud,” it indicates that the backup completed. However, the iCloud sync doesn’t complete due an issue with notes syncing with iCloud. Your notes might not be up to date on iCloud compared to the notes on your device
  • Devices set to use certain languages might exhibit clipped or misaligned layout
  • Devices set to use certain languages might display unlocalized text
  • Some apps that receive user location might be attributed large numbers of locations even though only a few locations were actually received
  • You might be unable to share an image directly from an email. Instead, forward the email with attachments
  • If Animoji and Memoji aren’t mirroring your face as expected, quit and reopen Messages
  • When reordering songs in Up Next, Music might quit unexpectedly
  • Using search in Notes might produce unexpected results
  • When transitioning in and out of cellular service, the status bar might not accurately reflect the current connection state
  • When upgrading to iOS 13 beta, you might be unable to enter your SIM PIN during the setup process. Instead, use Settings > Cellular > SIM PIN to unlock your SIM
  • Keyboard shortcuts might not work when using non-English language settings
  • Users can select “One more minute” multiple times per day instead of only once each time they reach the limit for an app
  • If you enable Share Across Devices, Screen Time settings don’t sync with iCloud until your iOS device is restarted. Any edits you make to your Screen Time settings on that device before restarting are lost
  • You might be unable to purchase cellular data plans on iPad
  • Real User status is currently unavailable. Sign In with Apple provides a status for new accounts but the status might return unexpected results
  • AirPods might disconnect unexpectedly when Announce Messages with Siri is enabled unless music is playing while receiving a new message
    • When you edit an app's intent definition file and install the app, changes aren’t immediately reflected in Shortcuts
    • Shortcuts opened on iOS & iPadOS 13 beta are automatically upgraded and can no longer be opened on iOS 12. If a device with iOS 12 and a device with iOS 13 share an iCloud account, shortcuts might become unusable on the device running iOS 12
    • While using non-English languages, asking Siri to perform actions related to Reminders or Messages might cause the corresponding application to quit unexpectedly
    • When Announce Messages with Siri is enabled, music playback might be interrupted when a message is read.
  • After you enable Voice Control for the first time, resources begin downloading in the background. Once the download completes, you will receive a notification that Voice Control is ready for use
  • Voice Memos synced from iCloud might not play
  • When music app is being slide-over, “now playing” still shows a very small image for artwork If iPad is in landscape mode. No such issue if iPad is in portrait mode.
  • Dark mode switch takes extra time and opened app may have certain part remain dark or light before restarting the app or switching between apps.
  • When editing long texts in safari, the text cursor may flow around and does not follow the text when scrolling. Does not impact actual editing though.
  • Music playback may stop unexpectedly if playback lasts longer than 2 hours. After a springboard crash, music app enters an unstable state. Restarting device temporarily fixes the issue but it may come back later.
  • When requesting full lyrics by long pressing mini player and choose “view full lyrics” from the menu, iTunes custom lyrics won’t be considered as “lyrics” and iOS will display “no lyrics available”.
  • Now playing in stock music app in slide over mode still shows super small artworks.
Resolved Issues
  • Tapping links no longer causes apps to become unresponsive for a period of time after updating to iOS & iPadOS 13 beta
  • Wallpapers consistently display correctly
  • The Wi-Fi icon is consistently displayed in the status bar when Wi-Fi is on
  • A predictive text bar no longer appears unexpectedly when reading certain books
  • Books no longer quits unexpectedly while browsing a PDF
  • Books stored in iCloud Drive appear without delay in your Library
  • The map style for navigation apps changes dynamically between dark and light modes
  • Using Files in Schoolwork is now supported in Files app
  • When viewing widgets for the first time after restarting your device, the Show More toggles appear correctly
  • The content of folders inside an iCloud Shared Folder are available to other users viewing your shared folder
  • Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents in shared folders correctly show an error message when you try to access them from
  • You can disable QuickPath typing for Keyboard
  • Route lines display correctly when sharing a trip ETA in Maps
  • You can navigate from an origin location that’s different than your current location when a watch running watchOS 6 beta is paired to your iPhone running iOS 13 beta
  • Music no longer appears paused even though audio is playing
  • You can now increase volume to the max in Music
  • You can share or tap album and artist links in Music
  • Transcript search is now available in Podcast
  • Podcast artwork doesn’t overlap other UI elements
  • Fixes double press volume bug in the YouTube app
  • Clock and date no longer remain white even when the wallpaper is mainly white in iPad landscape mode with locked widgets.
  • When iPad is in portrait mode, tapping edit in widgets view now shows the same menu as when iPad is in landscape mode.
  • iTunes custom lyrics are displayed properly now.
  • Star rating on iOS music app works properly now.
Additional Notes

Additional Notes
  • Intel iPhone XR/XS/Max: 1.52.04
  • Qualcomm iPhone 8/8 Plus/X: 4.03.02
  • Intel iPhone 8/8 Plus/X: 2.50.13
  • Qualcomm iPhone 7/7 Plus: 6.03.00
  • Intel iPhone 7/7 Plus: 3.50.09
  • iPhone SE: 8.00.01
  • iPhone 6S/6S Plus: 6.04.00
United States
  • Verizon - 36.5.32
  • Visible (MVNO Verizon) 34.0
  • Verizon (iPad) - 35.0
  • T-Mobile - 36.5.18
  • T-Mobile (iPad) - 34.5
  • AT&T - 36.5.29
  • Cricket - 35.5.3
  • MetroPCS -
  • U.S. Cellular - 32.5.9
  • Sprint - 36.5.1
  • TracFone/Straight Talk/Walmart Family Mobile - 36.5.13
  • Xfinity Mobile 36.0.1
United Kingdom
  • EE - 36.5.7
  • BT-UK MVNO on EE- 36.0
  • Three - 36.0
  • iD Mobile MVNO on Three - 36.5.4
  • O2-UK - 36.0
  • Vodafone UK - 36.0
  • Virgin Mobile MVNO on EE- 34.0
  • Telstra - 36.5.7 (iPad 36.5.3)
  • Orange B - 32.5.7
  • BASE - 33.0
  • Videotron -
  • Rogers - 36.5.8
  • Fido - 36.5.8
  • Bell - 35.0
  • Telus - 32.5.12
  • Freedom Mobile - 34.0
  • Orange France - 31.5.1
  • Orange Morocco - 31.5
  • O2-DE - 36.0
  • - 36.0
  • - 36.0
  • KPN -
Southeast Asia
  • Singapore Singtel -
  • Philippines Globe - 36.0
  • Philippines Globe (iPad) - 36.0
  • Philippines Smart - 36.1
  • Thailand AIS -
  • Malaysia Umobile - 33.0
  • Malaysia Maxis -33.0
  • Malaysia Digi -
  • Malaysia celcom -
  • Hong Kong - 32.0
  • Comviq -
  • Tre - 31.0
  • Salt - 35.5
  • Swisscom - 35.0
  • Eir - 33.5
  • Optus - 32.0
  • Telstra - 36.0
  • Turkcell (Lifecell) - 36.5.5
  • Vodafone TR - 32.0
  • Turk Telekom - 32.0
  • T-Mobile -
  • Orange - 32.0
  • Play - 31.0
  • Cosmote - 36.5.5
  • Airtel - 36.5.6
  • Jio - 36.5.10 on iPhone
  • Jio - 36.5.4 on iPad
  • Vodafone Idea - 35.5
  • Mexico - Telcel - 35.0
  • TIGO GT - 36.5.5
  • Docomo - 32.5.10
  • AlwaysOnline -
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Nov 3, 2012
I'm drawing a blank on how the public betas work.. do they come out a day after or week after?


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Sep 26, 2015
Atlanta, GA
Fairly decent size.

XS Max Plus


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Apr 21, 2012
Interestingly, no iPadOS beta though (at least not yet)

Edit: fixed. Needed to reinstall dev profile
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Jun 12, 2013
The OTA is showing up but the the ipsw is still showing beta 2 in the dev center. Usually it is the other way around.


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Nov 10, 2015
Usually this early in the game it's a week or so, usually not the next day.

From what I remember when it’s this early on, it’s the next day at 10am PT or 1pm.
When we get to public beta 4 or 5 (maybe 3?) we’ll get it at around 1pm PT same day as DB.
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