iPhone iOS 13 defaults to Call WhatsApp, why?


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Aug 9, 2013
There's one issue I'm having with iOS 13: in Contacts it defaults to calling with WhatsApp.

When I press "Call" on a contact (the blue circle) iOS pops up a menu where the default option is "Call WhatsApp" ["Bel WhatsApp" on the screen shot]. I have an unlimited plan for calls so I have absolutely no idea why I would need that. I just want to make a regular call through my service provider the standard option instead of iOS defaulting to a third-party app.

How do I go about doing that for all current and future contacts? So far the only method I found is to do it on a per contact basis which is really tedious.


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Mar 10, 2018
Thanks for reminding me about this. I noticed this a few times and it's really annoying. How can we set what defaults a contact has?


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May 13, 2010
All right. I am seeing this with my phone too, but this is just in labelling. If I 3D Tocuh a contact, the first image shows. Then, if I tap "Call WhatsApp" it just slides down to reveal numbers. This happens regardless of having a single number or multiple. It never calls via WhatsApp at all. We have never been able to set default calling program in iOS.

There is some issue with this labelling, or as Apple is famous for saying, we are reading it wrong.


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