iOS 13, what to expect?

Discussion in 'iOS 11' started by pika2000, Apr 9, 2018.

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    iOS 7 was a huge UI change from iOS 6.
    We are now approaching that point again with iOS 12. Will we see another huge makeover on iOS 13?

    iOS 7 put huge emphasis on transparency, making older devices with weak GPU to crawl. The iPhone 5 was arguably the only device that went through the transition from iOS 6 (launch) to iOS 7 smoothly.

    What’s next? What would Apple do for the next 6 years of iOS? Maybe they integrate AR into the UI? It’s perfect timing as well to drop devices without ARKit support. What do you guys think?
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    Are they even going to continue releasing a new version every year?

    I’m not sure what’s next for iOS. With iOS 7 it was really an adaption to Retina displays and improved performance of iPhones which allowed for a different UI.

    I think the next big OS change will happen for macOS with the introduction of ARM. It could become more like iOS, blurring the lines between all devices.
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    From marketing perspective, they have to since Google also keep doing a yearly releases (plus a catchy sponsored name like KitKat and Oreo), even though their market share impact on every new Android version is abysmal.
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    Don't much care what they do as long as my phone keeps working !
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    What else is there even to majorly change? As said above iOS 7 was the biggest change to iOS yet and kinda set the standard. A lot of OS's use the "flat" theme now and I actually really like it. All they can do now is add more features. The only thing to do now is to get rid of the Home Screen grid and improve the apps.
  6. tkukoc, Apr 9, 2018
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    True.. but you'll notice a theme with just 20 of my wants from Apple.. and believe me.. I've got an even larger list than this. Oh.. and I don't even like 3D touch.. but they are missing a golden opportunity with it. Talk about simplicity if done right.

    1. 3D touch menus, customize them. Should allow users to have full 3D touch on a folder and brings up a menu, not just an application that has a notification and rename function.
    2. 3D touch deeper integration, go to control center and 3D touch your connections block, brings up multiple sections like cellular data/airplane mode/wifi/bluetooth/airdrop/hotspot. BUT, you cannot 3D touch again to see list of wifi connections, bluetooth items, people who you can see around you that potentially use airdrop or hotspot details like password.
    3. Camera, needs to include full screen capabilities and consistent design. Look at the video section, translucent edging and now look at photo with black top and bottom border. I understand the difference in width per camera lens but framing wise, put all options on one side, not top/bottom or left/right. Again consistency is key here.
    4. All internal Apple applications need to be updated to X design sizes, again consistency with transparency. Or do away with all transparency.
    5. Lock screen with combined notifications. I think this one is obvious.. I guess you can throw dark mode or always on notifications in this section.
    6. In app notifications need to be smaller, when a quarter of the screen shows a popup while in a game or other application it completely ruins the experience. A small green or blue message icon should appear with smaller font customized with zoom in or not functionality. Again this is why the zoom feature was optional, along with allowing for font size changes.
    7. Home kit control center icon layout, ability to switch the menu from icons to full detailed list like notes and music. Again no consistency between most of Apple's own sections of their OS.
    8. Live wallpapers need should not have to be hard pressed to be used. Live should be combined with Dynamic and the ability to have a slider to speed up or slow down the animation. Including a loop tool for your own videos to be converted to a live wallpaper.
    9. Data sharing, one reminder type application that can be turned on to verify allowances of the data you share on your device and who it is shared with. This is some what built in but does not send reminders and say you accidentally say YES to allowing facebook to view your photos. You may not remember that is turned on till later when you didn't want it on originally. There should be a checks and balances application that reminders you.. there are X amount of applications you are sharing photos with, click here to view all applications. Again you can do this already, but there are zero reminders for it. And with the way data is being used these days, some sort of check would be nice, even if you want to complete opt out it.
    10. VPN settings, not just a flip of a switch and a one time setup. There needs to be more in the VPN section.
    11. News privacy, there is no opt out. You want to use the news app.. you cannot remove yourself from the details/data moved between the supplier of the news article and apple.
    12. Settings application menus. Enter the settings icon, notice all the icons for all your apps are flooded on the bottom of the page. Clean it up! One menu for applications is needed, instead of one long style sheet. Within that menu should also house a all sound off or on, this will allow the device to actually be in true silent mode even with headphones on. And sure there are apps you may want to have sounds still on, which would stay an option obviously. But an all off or all on would make things so much easier.
    13. Settings section needs 3D touch integration. Ever notice how it doesn't work within that particular application? That's lack of consistency once again.
    14. Icon consistency. Look at the icon for say Face ID, nice and simple background with white face. Look at Wallet, black background lots of colored cards. Not consistent with other icons whether it be on the home screen or settings menu. If you have a flat theme with minimal colors then why aren't you following it?
    15. Software update section, 3D touch settings no option for download or check for system or carrier updates.
    16. Carrier updates, there is zero.. I mean zero sections or information on why you should do this. A pop up will arrive when one is pushed to your phone but there's no information as to why this is actually needed. So many people are confused as to why they are getting such a popup. Techies understand, general public does not. And again if this isn't something that happens all the time, which it doesn't, more information to a general user is needed so they actually are comfortable hitting accept to install. And there's no notification when it is installed. You hit accept and that's that. But like a computer you do need some sort of details of hey we just finished installing this carrier update. Hit ok to continue use of your device. So easy and simple.
    17. Home screen layout. Enough with the locked in icon grid, allow users to place icons where ever they want to. If I want my icons closer to the bottom of the screen so I can view my wallpaper background that should be an end user choice and one that is beyond easy to accomplish. You 3D touch or long hold press on a blank area, menu comes up to customize the grid.. done.
    18. Status icons, 3D Touch on home screen and lock screen. Once again consistency of the 3D touch is so bad. If you want to see specific wifi locations 3D touch the wifi icon to bring up other locations you want to connect to. Same with low power mode, 3D touch the battery and boom brings up low power settings.
    19. Apple Watch connectivity with all devices. Buy an apple watch, connect it iphone. Buy an apple watch, connect it to ipad, wait you can't do that. Come on Apple, wake up. People buy cellular ipad's all the time. If they want to use a cellular ipad and watch what's the issue? Same with non-cellular ipad's and even macbooks. Why you can't get all your health data accross the board simply makes no sense at this time with as many generations of watches and OS's we've seen.
    20. Airdrop history, there's no history section to let you know where your files were sent, when and/or to who. Something so easy to add and be able to opt of if you don't care. However, in terms of school usage this would come in handy for teachers when using the new iPad software.

    Look I can keep going because these are just a small piece of what I recommend during my sessions at WWDC and other events. Maybe Apple will catch up one day as I know not everything can be done in a day or in a system lifecycle. And sure there's lots of these things that people probably could careless about. Personally I want to see a brand new interface, new icons, new dark mode, new everything because Apple needs to stop putting band aids on an old system. X was the first device to really put out there that Apple is looking toward a new future. Now if you can buy into that, then why aren't they making sweeping changes to the core of the OS so it's an all new user experience but still contains some familiar aspects. At some point this has got to happen. I'm still hoping IOS 12 blows me out of the water.. but I just feel like it's going to be minor changes and nothing sweeping to keep everything.. CONSISTENT. Maybe IOS 13 will be different?
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    Why iOS13?? iOS12 isnt even out yet.

    The big question is what will iOS19 bring..?
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    One of the challenges of the current release cycle, iOS announced months before the next phone, is that it's difficult for them to take true advantage of new form-factors, publicly, in an iOS release without spoiling what's coming up.

    Now that all-screen is the reality, I'd imagine there's multiple things they can do in an iOS 12 announcement that would be cool.

    Also, Apple has always released a new iOS every year. The public is impatient and always clamoring for newer/faster/better stuff. If they didn't release a new version at least once a year, they'd risk losing customers to competitors that are seen as more 'innovative' simply because they put out more frequent updates.

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