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All Devices  iOS 13 Working, Broken and Meh apps

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macrumors Sandy Bridge
Oct 17, 2011
i should have never bought the iPhone 11 Pro, and I should have kept iOS 12 on my iPhone XS. I’m so frustrated with all of the issues I see across all of my devices. It’s unacceptable.
Are there some sort of apps that aren't working with iOS 13 for you?


macrumors 6502
Jun 24, 2019
I’ve seen an odd bug in 12.2 and 12.3 and thought I’d share it. When changing my wallpaper to the orange/red transitional Apple wallpaper, the colors in the orange (non dark mode) part of the wallpaper are washed out and muted compared to how they appear in the preview of the wallpaper (where you select lock screen, home screen, or both). Only after I shut down the phone and power it back on do the colors look as vibrant as they should. Such an odd bug, and another sign of a complete QA failure on Apple’s part with iOS 13.
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