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Aug 19, 2017
My X had the battery replaced by Apple late October. My capacity is 100% and it runs iOS 15.4 extremely well. When compared to 14.8.1 there is no discernible difference I can gauge but every device is different so if by some chance it doesn't run well on your device, you won't be able to return to 14.8.1. I upgraded using iTunes and the full 5.5gb update so I can't compare it to OTA upgrade

now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
There’s -nothing- in iOS 15 worth having.
As far as I’m concerned, iOS 15 ruined my iPhone 7. It now takes 40 seconds to turn off and battery life went down the toilet.
It’s the worst ‘upgrade’ I’ve ever done. No way I’ll install it on my daily usage iPhone.
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