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iOS 14's New AirPods Features: Spatial Audio, Better Automatic Device Switching, Battery Notifications and More


macrumors G4
May 16, 2015
If they were so concerned about my hearing, they’d fix the bug that sends notifications at full blast if you’re connected but not listening to anything on AirPods pro.
They aren’t. Marketing all they want but actually protecting hearing is not within their agenda.
btw, for that, you need to turn down ringtone volume.


macrumors regular
Jan 24, 2017
Montréal, Québec
I love the Control Center Volume Monitor, but I'm wondering if it uses more battery because it seems to be constantly on. Perhaps it's not really needed because there's already a warning for loud noises.

I like the automatic switching but so far I've had mixed success. And for some reason, when I'm on a video chat on my computer with the AirPods Pro, the sounds still goes out from the computer and not the Air Pods. Even though in the settings it says it uses Air Pods. I don't understand everything.
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