iOS 4 has resolution independence. OS X 10.7 next?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by kolax, Jun 8, 2010.

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    The new iPhone 4 has four times as many pixels as the previous generations of iPhone. Yet, the GUI is scaled perfectly to the exact same "size" as the previous generations. Steve was saying how much better fonts and graphics look because there is more pixels to display them. He even went to give us an example, showing us the letter A in two different resolutions.

    Now, what is significant about this? iOS 4 has resolution independence (well, kind of.. it supports two different pixel per inch counts). Surely with this higher resolution display on the iPhone 4, they could slim things down just slightly to take advantage of the higher pixels. Obviously, we have to navigate with our finger so we aren't quite able to slim the GUI down that much, but there is room for slimming. Why didn't they do it? Maybe they wanted to just keep a unified look to every iPhone; past, present and future.

    So, where does this bring us in regards to OS X? It is clear Steve was happy to demonstrate how more pixels rendering the same "size" of font give that font more detail. We're not talking about a size 12 font on resolution low-resolution and size 12 font on high-resolution, since the size 12 font on high resolution will be far smaller. We're talking the same "size" on screen.

    Does this mean that we might see some actual progress towards some proper resolution independence in OS X 10.7? Will the GUI on the high-res 15" and 17" be scaled up to that of the normal resolutions? OS X has grown up on displays of around 90-110 PPI, so the font sizes etc are optimal for that. We're in a new era with screens of 130-140 PPI and the old optimal fonts etc for OS X are no longer good and things need to be scaled up.

    Of course, you can debate that some people prefer the smaller windows and fonts as it means they can have more stuff open at the same time. If Apple were to implement proper resolution independence, they'll not just suddenly take away all that screen pixel real estate.. but give an option to view OS X in an unscaled high-resolution format, or a scaled high-resolution format (small/large user interface).

    Here's hoping that's on the table for the next major release of OS X.
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    It would be very helpful for 27" iMac owners, but honestly on my 13" MBP I don't see any use for that, except making everything smaller.

    Anyways, this is still great news. All we need now are 2560 * 1600 13" screens :)
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    Fonts already scale very well on iPhone / iPad. Raster graphics scale ok.

    I think iOS4 contains a better interpolation engine for raster graphics. Or perhaps requirement of vector, scalable graphics? (probably not, otherwise we would hear some lazy people complain)

    But yeah it would be good to see it on desktop apps (although Safari Reader reduces the need for that).

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