IOS 4 - Worth the upgrade?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Internaut, Jul 5, 2010.

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    My situation is that I'm a perfectly happy 3GS user who has been happily living without multi tasking for the last 7 or so months. The only issue I have is that it's an absolute data hog. I switched it on in Johannesburg airport last Friday and got the 5MB roamed data warning (via SMS) in no time flat.

    With this in mind, I'm wondering if IOS4 is actually worth the upgrade. Are there any downsides I need to be aware of?
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    If you have a factory unlocked phone by all means upgrade. If it's locked you might want to JB and unlock before you upgrade. There is no unlock for the Apple supplied iOS4 on a GS right now. I made the mistake of upgrading when the GM cand. was released. Idiot move b/c now I can't unlock that phone and have to wait it out.
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    At this point, I would probably wait on an upgrade, especially since you have a 3GS.

    The new phone is faster and is better over WiFi, but there are issues with the phone. The proximity sensor on my wifes phone is getting to the point where I'm going to have to return it. She keeps dialing people and yesterday, someone managed to get conferenced in (seriously).

    I had reception issues (death grip) on mine the first day I had it, after a restore and a few days of turning off/on, it seems to have gotten much better. Not sure why that is.

    The wifes phone didn't suffer the death grip issue, and mine doesn't seem to have the proximity issue, but I don't call nearly as much as she does.

    On the plus side, the speed is really noticeable. Apps open much faster and I can zip through tasks much faster. Web surfing is also much faster both on WiFi and 3G. I like the camera and the video as well. They are vastly improved over the old model.

    In short, if your usage is mostly data, you'll be happy. If you use it for phone calls, its a crap shoot at this point...
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    I've had mixed feelings on iOS 4 running on my iPhone 3GS. Definitely sluggish at times, but I enjoy some of the extra features (folders, especially). It's your call.

    Personally, I wish I had just ordered an iPhone 4 rather than making my 3GS a bit slower. Getting an iPhone 4 for my wife as soon as the local Apple Store restocks, and if I like hers, I'll probably upgrade as well.
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    OP said iOS4 not i4!!

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