iOS 5 Beta 5 - No Apps Launch

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  1. tekchic, Aug 7, 2011
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    1) I'm a dev, yes, and I have a current paid iOS developer account.

    2) After updating to iOS5 beta 5, no apps launch -- they just blink the screen and crash to home screen. The only apps I can get to are settings, Photo, etc. Even iBooks crashes to home screen.

    3) Tried several soft-resets and 2 complete restores.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? It's essentially bricked my testing iPad.

    UPDATE: This is pretty random, but I uninstalled iBooks, and then went to the App Store from within the iPad and reinstalled iBooks. Suddenly all of the other apps launch. Not sure what's off on this release (related to iBooks?) but if you delete the iBooks app from your iPad and then go through the App Store and reinstall it, magically the other non-Apple apps start running.

    I had done a clean restore on this install, so I'm not sure why it acted the way it did.
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    i don't think this is isolated to ios 5 beta; this happened to me when i restored my iphone to the latest version of ios 4. what i found to be the fix was to download any app (not just ibooks) from the app store directly from the device. strange.

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