iOS 5 beta question: iCloud backup/different Apple ID for purchases

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by gdjsnyder, Aug 25, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    I recently put iOS 5 beta 6 on my standalone device. I have been developing an app for some time, but still don't really have the extra funds for another iPhone 4 so test on, so I figured by beta 6, major bugs would be worked out. It's working great so far (and so is my app development!).

    Anyway, to my question. I set up my iCloud ID. So I have my address. So I can now backup my app data, settings, mail, etc. to the cloud if I so choose. However, I have an address setup for the iTunes store, and this has always been my Apple ID up until beta 6. Now, I know there is no solution as to merging the accounts, and I have searched the internet but can never find an exact, straight forward answer to this question.

    If I chose to backup my device to iCloud (saved game data, for example), and then sync my apps from the address, will everything work properly? I'll use an example, I want to be as clear as possible, because I have heard different answers, and maybe I don't give enough explanation. Example: Angry birds- I backup this data to iCloud. I then restore my phone from the iCloud backup. I plug my iPhone into my Macbook and let the apps load under my iTunes ID When I launch Angry Birds, will the iCloud restore have my old data on there since it is an iCloud restore, and the app is under a different Apple ID,

    When I go to iCloud under settings I have my address there, but I would like to put the iCloud address in that section, so I can sync mail and calendars, which can't sync without the address. But if I backup to iCloud and am putting a different Apple ID apps on my phone, I don't know if this is possible.

    Any help is greatly appreciated at this point, and if anyone needs more clarification to answer to the best of their knowledge, I would be happy to clarify!

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    You'd be better off asking this in the iCloud forum. There's already a thread that covers your question here.

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