iOS 5 post-installation lag? here are some tips to optimize!!

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    Oct 19, 2011
    ive already posted this as reply in another thread, but i figured i would share with everyone else too. feel free to contribute any other tips u may have regarding iOS 5 optimization!!!!!

    ive been playing around with iOS 5 on my 3GS for a few days and thru trying stuff that ive found on forums and just general trial and error, ive found out some useful info to help after installing iOS 5 or any future updates on ur iDevice.

    from what ive found, the most fool proof way to install iOS 5(or any iOS) and have ur phone or whatever running its absolute best is doing fresh restore and setting it up as a new device rather than restoring from back up. but then u lose all ur stuff(pics, contacts, etc) which kinda sucks!!!

    however ive discovered a few things to do after u do a fresh install/restore and restore from backup that will have ur device still running beautifully. the MOST important thing u need to do after the installation from backup/sync/etc process is done is go to SETTINGS>GENERAL>RESET and hit RESET ALL SETTINGS. this doesnt delete any of your data such as photos or apps, it just resets things like your home and lock screen background, notification tones, location services, and ur screen brightness; all things that are easy to change back once ur phone reboots. it will still leave all of the really pain in the ass settings alone(contacts, contact specific personalized ring tones and/or photos, browser bookmarked pages, etc).

    from what i gather(purely theory here, not fact), doing this resets and deletes all of the invisible leftover fragments of temporary info from previous backup/restores from previous iOS settings that are the wrong parameter/calibration for ur current iOS, which left lingering are serving to affect ur current installations performance and battery life. once deleted, ur phone will run noticeably better. for instance, ive noticed that after installing iOS 4.3.3(i think) that my 3GS home button has been lagging. when i hit it at the lock screen or to close an app, the response is noticeably delayed. with the install of iOS 5 it improved slightly but not entirely. however after doing RESET ALL SETTINGS, the home button lag is gone!!!! not only that but the overall performance of iOS 5, which was already quicker than 4.3 on my phone, is even snappier now!!! battery seems slightly better too, now its about the same as it was with iOS 4.3.

    another thing to try is go to SETTINGS>MAIL, CONTACTS, CALENDERS, turn off PUSH, delete ur email accounts and reboot ur phone. once u reboot u can enter in all of ur email info again and turn PUSH back on. im not sure how much this helps but ive read it does ur battery some good by getting rid of lingering temporary setting info as well.

    a few other things that will help improve performance a little:
    -SETTINGS>GENERAL>SPOTLIGHT SEARCH and uncheck everything.
    -SETTINGS>GENERAL>BLUETOOTH and switch it off

    hope this helped!!!!
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    Oct 24, 2009
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    Happy to report that the "Reset All Settings" makes a HUGE difference for me. The lag in the new OS was driving me nuts, and this cured it. Certain memory-intensive things still slow down more than they used to (Plants vs. Zombies Zen Garden, Cover Flow), but everything else is back to normal.

    Thank you for your help!
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    Sweet! Gonna try this right now, thanks for the tips!
  4. beegie macrumors regular

    Dec 27, 2007
    Help! "reset all settings" bricked 3gs

    Found this thread earlier today, the link to it was posted at another article/comments elsewhere (subject matter was ios6 on 3Gs). The person who posted the link said that even though this was a thread re ios5, it still had good info for 3Gs re whatever ios.

    My NON-JB 3Gs does not have ios6 on it, btw, but older ios. But since it is getting sluggish, I thought the above RESET ALL SETTINGS tip sounded good & safe to do, since it doesn't erase data/content/photos, etc., & that it would probably take a few seconds like the few times I have reset NETWORK SETTINGS. No big deal.

    WRONG! I tapped RESET ALL SETTINGS at 1:45pm today, 10/29/13. It is now 8:15pm, and phone still has white apple logo, no slider, etc.

    And no, I didn't tap the wrong setting (ie, Erase All, Network, etc. It was the RESET ALL SETTINGS bar, it asked me twice, I said Yes thinking it would be No Big Deal.)

    At 1:45pm at time of tapping it, it showed the little bar on white apple/black home screen zip zip zip, then the little spinning wheel, then I think it turned itself black for a few seconds, and then white apple. Wait wait wait. Every 12-15 minutes thereafter it would go black again, by itself, for just 1-2-3 seconds and then the white apple would reappear.

    At 4:30pm I called a local iphones-only repair shop (not apple store) where I've bought batteries for 3Gs in the past. The guy on the phone said they see this all the time, and they always tell people with OLDER iPHONES & OLDER IOS's to NEVER RESET ANYTHING. He said resetting on older devices/ios's can cause it to get hung up on whatever.

    He said hold top button/home button (which I knew and had already done), which got rid of white apple, but total black, turn back on, nothing but white apple again. He said hook to itunes and see if that would make the phone turn ON, wait 15-20 mins. It didn't help. Still white apple. He said all they could offer to do is just restore it as new.

    As of now, years of content, photos and slideshow creations, etc., and 10,000 photos gone. I will not restore it as new. Too much of a heartbreaker :(, many beloved creations inside that phone, including a video creation in progress for SIL's funeral. I'd rather save the phone as is, and bury it with me when my time comes along with my beloved dictionary, thesaurus, and Bibles. That's how much I loved this phone and all I discovered I could do on it. Erasing it means No Hope. I will keep hoping it fixes itself eventually. God is bigger than white apples. :apple:

    Freaky thing, late afternoon I was wondering what date was today? Couldn't check iphone to find out. Thought it was 10/29. Then it hit me. ONE YEAR AGO today, Monday 10/29/12, was the day I first learned my SIL had cancer. She didn't make it, and I was working on a slideshow of her life, tons of photos, already had mapped out and rendered several segments (Reel Director app), etc. What a disaster, I end up inadvertently killing my 3Gs on 10/29/13, one year later exactly. The devil is in the details. :mad:

    I will NEVER touch RESET ALL SETTINGS on any phone EVER again. (This was my FIRST and LAST time ever doing that.)


    Now all the tech gurus can begin throwing tomatoes at this old lady for not having tons of backups. :cool:
  5. beegie macrumors regular

    Dec 27, 2007
    iPhone 3Gs Harddrive Data Recovery Services?

    So what about all these data recovery services & SW that show up via Google search, that say even if you have the white-apple-screen-of-death? So many of them, anybody know which ones are safest, good, reputable, etc.?"white+apple"+hard+drive+recovery



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