iOS 5 - Updating Lyrics Not Working?

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by Tones2, Dec 3, 2011.

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    It appears that if I CHANGE an existing Lyrics embedded in the meta-data a song, it is not updating in the Music Player of my iPhone 4S. For some reason the old pre-updated lyrics still appear in the music player. I've tried completely deleting the songs on the phone and re-loading them, but the old lyrics still appear on the phone. I've also tried deleting songs completely from iTunes itself as well as my iPhone, resynching without the song, then re-downloading them and putting in new lyrics and re-syncning. And the old lyrics STILL SHOW UP!! Weird.

    My iTunes is using iTunes Match but my phone is NOT - I am hard syncing it to iTunes to update. Also, my iPOD Classic is being updated correctly with the changed lyrics. Since I'm an app programmer and this was driving me crazy, I wrote a quick app that actually displays the embedded lyrics of any song that is playing on the iPhone music player, and in MY app, the lyrics show up correctly, but if I switch over to the music player they are still the old lyrics. Obviously, somehow the Music Player is retaining two sets of embedded lyrics data - what it was when it first loaded and what it was when it changed, and is for some reason displaying the former. I do not see any way to clear this old data on the iPhone.

    Note that I've also tried rebooting the phone, clearing the Music app from memory on the iPhone. rebooting the computer, etc. Nothing works. Also note that this only happens when I CHANGE lyrics on a song with EXISTING lyrics. If I add lyrics to a song that previously did not have any, it updates correctly.

    Can somewhere verify this bug? If you have a song with lyrics already embedded, try adding a word at the end of that song in iTunes and see if it updates the iPhone. Preferable someone will try this who has at least iOS5 installed (hopefully also an iPhone 4S). I just want to see if it's someting in my specific setup or a general bug.

    Thanks in advance for anyone's help on this!

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    lyrics not updating on iPhone 4S with IOS 5

    Tones2, thank you for confirming what I also discovered. I have a brand new iPhone, and put a bunch of songs on it that were on our iPod Touch (and to which I'd added lyrics earlier, on the Touch). When I tried to update the lyrics to a song yesterday, I could see them in iTunes, and have tried various ways of updating, but no matter what I do, the old (incorrect) lyrics show up. I can't confirm that the new lyrics are in there somewhere (on the iPhone) because I'm not that tech-savvy. I did try things like trashing the old file from the iTunes Music folder, and re-importing the file with the correct lyrics . . .
    I think my iPhone is still on its 90 days of Apple support, so I'll call them and see what they say.
    I think this is a new bug with IOS 5, and maybe iTunes 10.5.1, since we got an iPod Touch in March, and I had no problem putting in lots of lyrics at that time, for the same songs.
    I called Apple, and we tried various things, mostly reloading the songs, without success. Talked to someone higher up, and apparently this is a (new?) known issue, and they are working on it.

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