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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by sh0vel, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. sh0vel, Jul 19, 2012
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    How does iOS 6 handle multiple IDs? On iOS 5 updating apps from a secondary account is not the most reliable process but it works more often than not. With the changes to the App Store app I'm wondering if this has improved.

    Specifically, in instances where the iCloud and App Store accounts are different, updating apps tied to the iCloud account is less than reliable. Typically the app update process asks for a password before updating. Or it does not update the app, forcing the user to login to the necessary account to update.

    Does iOS 6 make any significant changes to the process for multiple IDs?
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    It's pretty much the same as far as I can tell.

    App Store will show you updates for apps purchased from all accounts, but you must switch between accounts manually to install them.
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    This is something that really bugged me before. I purchased an iPhone before i had a Mac and i setup my App Store account with my gmail account. After a few weeks of loving the iPhone i went out and got a Mac and setup a me account. I wanted to migrate my App Store purchases across to my me account but wasn't allowed. Very annoying
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    And that is why they are doing it. If you think about it, all they need to do is have your account text (above the password text box) editable. So, instead of just showing your uneditable account name, then a text box to put your password, they should, and probably will, have a text box that shows either your primary account, or the last account you used in an upper text box, and your empty password text box. How hard is that?
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    Or what they "promised" a while ago - merging of ID's. Similar to many I have an iTunes id from way back and an ID from the mobile me days which is now my icloud id. I want only one for all my Apple stuff.
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    Can't you just transfer the apps to the me account using Home Sharing? You might have to create another user account on your Mac so that both iTunes accounts can be opened at once so that you can do the transfer.

    And iOS 6 doesn't ask for the password when doing updates so this should be a perfect solution.
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    It is not possible to transfer apps between accounts. The only way to get an app on another account is to purchase it with that account. Depending on how many paid apps you have on your account this may not be possible.

    It is possible to have apps from multiple accounts in one iTunes library, in fact that is the easy part. Updating apps from multiple accounts is where the problem often occurs. On an a Mac and occasionally on an iOS device it requires logging out and into accounts - a hassle.
  9. newagemac macrumors 68020

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    Wrong. You can share apps between different accounts using Home Sharing. My wife and I don't share iTunes Store accounts or Apple IDs. We share apps all the time using Home Sharing. It works the same way for music, books, movies, tv shows, etc.
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    So lets say you have apps from two different accounts that have an update, when you click the update all button in the app store would it update them all without needing to switch accounts?
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    Mar 31, 2010
    It's very weird that so many people don't know you can share apps with Home Sharing. And most people think you have to use the same iTunes Store ID on iDevices if you want to share apps but that is not true at all either.


    That's right. You don't have to switch accounts. In iOS5 it would ask you to enter the password though. But that didn't switch the accounts, it just verified that you had the password. However, in iOS6 it doesn't ask you for the password for updates anymore so Home Sharing should be a perfect solution.

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