iOS 6: Guided Access, Also for Kids and Kiosks

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    Guided Access is a new feature in iOS 6 that makes it easier for users with vision, hearing, learning, and mobility disabilities to use their iOS devices. The feature allows parents or teachers to limit an iOS device by disabling the physical buttons or limiting user controls on certain areas of the screen.

    This could also be useful for parents with younger children who want to prevent them from leaving a particular app or game. Insanely Great Mac has put together a nice video showing how the feature works.

    Article Link: iOS 6: Guided Access, Also for Kids and Kiosks
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    This could come in useful for the Safari history button.
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    So many of the coolest features in iOS are hidden within the Actability options. In many cases, they have dual purposes that make the phone a little bit more unique or your own. I love the idea of using guided access this way when I bring my iPad out to show clients photos and such. I am hoping I can get good at using it in this way.

    Some of the other cool accessibility features I love are..

    - Triple click home to enable voiceover.
    I turn on voiceover when my phone is in the car and I am driving. It will speak my texts to me, or the first part of my email. I can quickly toggle it on and off with triple click. I can't count how many times I have been asked how I got siri to speak my emails without prompting her, and I only have an iPhone 4 :)

    - LED light notifications
    sounds strange, but having the phone muted, and on a smooth surface the bright light is a nice way to tell me I received a text or email when I want to be quiet.

    - custom vibrations
    silly, but just cool, I can tell who is calling me just by the vibration I feel
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    That's really cool. The interface is simple and functional. I've been planning to upgrade our old kiosk at work. This is indeed be a perfect tool to allow an iPad to be used instead of a standard computer.
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    Sep 7, 2012
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    MR should construct a ramp in order for disabled people; the majority of its visitors, to be able to access sensitive articles
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    Was thinking the exact same thing.

    Except for the fact that even the cheapest bargain-basement PC is anywhere from 100-150 dollars cheaper than the most inexpensive iPad. :)
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    anyone know how the presenter captured the mirrored display video? Would love to be able to produce iOS help videos for my workplace.
  9. bilboa macrumors regular

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    I love this feature too. I had actually been wishing for something like this, and was pleasantly surprised to see it in iOS 6. I've tried letting my 9 month old daughter play with the Koi Pond app on my iPad, but she always ends up putting swiping with several fingers and switching to another app. This lets me disable that, plus disable the on-screen settings button, so she can just play with the water and fish.

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