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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by o0jelly0o, Sep 29, 2012.

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    Anyone else find the menu bar color matching to apps to be unimaginably TERRIBLE? Seriously it makes it look awful, you can't easily distinguish where the main status you want to quickly read are. I mean, when you look at the time for example, you want it to be boldly shown, so you can easily look and see it, etc..

    They literally made so many terrible adjustments with iOS 6. Another example is how they took color out of many of the main apps, like Music is now just a dull gray and black, it is so awful. They again made incredibly minor adjustments, and out of '200' new features, you may find about 10. They have incredibly smart engineers and designers, but I'm afraid their iOS dev team is just bad.

    Here is one blatantly obvious thing that should be there, but isn't. In the App Store you can now scroll horizontally through the top paid and free apps etc., but unlike previously where you could simply tap the menu bar to return to the top, you do not have that option. Where it says 'Paid' and 'Free' above the list, you should be able to tap each word and return to the beginning of each list respectively. Instead, you either have to scroll clear back to the beginning or exit the app, bring up multitasking, and close the app, and open it again... just idiotic.

    Another feature which should have been there since notification center: the ability to simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the multitasking bar. Not only would this be SO much faster, and easier, but it wouldn't wear down the Home button near as much. It's just obvious.

    Again, another feature which should be there are widgets, and quick settings, as have been available via jailbreak etc. Currently the search page on the springboard is rather bland, and frankly seems like a waste of space. I for one have only searched maybe a handful of times using the search feature (I have actually been frustrated when landing on that page mistakenly), and I'm sure the vast majority of people don't use it very often either. Moreover, with the increased presence of Siri on iOS devices, and the fact that you are adding the ability to open apps, and do many of the things one would have used the search function for, it is becoming less needed.

    Having said that, I believe they should look into adding widgets to the search page, and augmenting it more toward a dashboard-like page, like the page on OSX. It could still have the search bar at the top, but instead of instantly popping up the keyboard, you would see several widgets below the search bar, making this page much more useful, and something that would be beneficial to swiping over to quickly check different widgets the user has set. With a simple tap in the search bar, the widgets would disappear off the screen with a cool animation, and search results would fall down in a list as they do currently.

    Now, they could either do that and add quick settings in notification center, or vice versa, more widgets in notification center, and quick settings in the 'dashboard', or both in each.

    One more thing to nit-pick: the stock weather app is simply terribly inaccurate for my location. It uses yahoo weather which certainly isn't the best, most accurate weather. The weather channel is the most accurate, they take data from the national weather service, along with additional technologies for more accurate temperature readings etc, placed at thousands of locations across the US. Some people might accept different weather apps for the features/look but simply put, no weather app is as accurate as the weather channel, and I wouldn't use any other weather app due to this (not sure why people settle for inaccuracy in temperature).
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    Apple was too busy suing other people instead of innovating. Apple has become the new Microsoft of the 90's.
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    Thats right, Yahoo just stamps The Weather Channel logo all over their weather page for ***** and giggles, they certainly don't get data from them.


    Or maybe you meant to imply that Yahoo is inaccurate because they use the most accurate data.

    Blind? Illogical?
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    What's with all the nasty replies? I think the OP has several very good suggestions.

    Arguing about the weather data is missing the point. There are different sources of weather data, it would be nice to let users choose which data source they want to use (in the notification center).
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    My only problem with iOS 6 is the continuing lack of custom repeats in Calendar. I still have to go to my MacBook whenever I need to set an event for something like "second Tuesday of every month". A small gripe, but there you go.
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    The inability to create and manage contact groups from the phone is annoying too. Especially when the "do not disturb" feature relies on groups to set the exceptions.
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    How about instead of complaining to the MR community you do something about it & submit feedback to Apple? Yes, it's the most underwhelming iOS to's already been said. No need for everyone to keep making threads about it.
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    I've directly compared the stock weather app with weather channel app as well as the actual weather channel on the cable tv. It has been anywhere from 5-10+ degrees off, so if they get data from the weather channel, they aren't getting it accurately or they are slow, or it just simply isnt so.
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    I like the swipe up to get the task manager idea a lot.

    I use the springboard whenever I need to place a call to find a contact.

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