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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by arilev, Sep 14, 2012.

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    Does anyone know what's going on with iCloud email notification synching? Will messages marked as read on one device ever be marked as read on another without having to launch the email app? I thought this was something iOS6 was supposed to bring? Maybe it's a switch that has be flipped in iCloud and it won't happen until iOS6's street date?

    Super annoying having to open mail on each iOS device to clear and/or update the notifications. Notification synch already works for iMessage on iOS6 and Google can do it on their Gmail app for iOS so why can't Apple get their email notification synching to work?

    Also, iCloud email VIP & Flagged mailboxes on iOS seem half assed. As soon as a flagged message or a message from a VIP sender is archived (moved out of the inbox) it no longer shows up in the respective VIP or Flagged mailbox on iOS. This pretty much defeats the point of marking anything as flagged or anyone as VIP if you like to keep a clean inbox. Mail on 10.8 works as expected so why not iOS?

    And speaking of flagged messages, on 10.8 you can designate different color flags and then view flagged messages all together or by individual color. iOS6 groups them all as only one color in a single mailbox. Unless of course you've put the message in the archive in which case it won't appear at all...

    Couldn't live without my iPhone but, really, these things annoy me.

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    I share your annoyance, but this 'feature' seems set in stone for now. I've searched everywhere for an explanation for this behavior, but have yet to find anything. Maybe all it will take is some nice emails to Tim Cook?
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