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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by Allenbf, Oct 9, 2012.

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    Forgive me for posting this here, I'm aware it could be posted in the "apps" section. But I feel it fits here due to the nature of Passbook.

    Really simple question, I'm having trouble finding this anywhere online: How will Starbucks "Pay with Square/Square Wallet" integrate with the new Starbucks app and Passbook? Right now, you can just pay via the Starbucks card in Passbook, or the Starbucks app; but it seems soon you will be able to simply "check in" at a Starbucks and the payment will be handled without even taking your phone out, using Square. Thus, no need for Passbook (as it relates to Starbucks anyway) Or am I missing something?

    Bottom line, I enjoy Passbook so far, but I'm very unfamiliar with Square. How will Square work with Passbook and the current Starbucks app? And this is just one example, Square seems to be growing at a rapid pace, many more merchants will come on board i assume.

    Thanks for reading this and taking time to answer!

    Edit: I guess the over-arching question is: Is Passbook and Square competitors in this market??
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    It won't work with the Starbucks app or passbook.

    The deal with Square will work with their Square Wallet app.

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