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Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by i0Nic, Mar 14, 2012.

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    I think we're going to see some big changes to iOS 6 in June.

    Apple in iOS 5 have added a bunch of features that people have been crying out for. I think they probably feel that they have now added all these little things in, and now it's time to start innovating the OS.

    A lot of the OS has remained unchanged since launch in 2007. If we are truly going to have a post-PC operating system in iOS, then we need some changes.

    Here is my iOS 6 wishlist:

    - App interoperability
    Android does this pretty well, and so does Mac OSX. It's the ability for apps to talk to each other directly. An app should be able to exchange data with another app in a way that is seamless. When I open a webpage, I can share to Twitter since it's baked in, but if I had Facebook installed then it should also appear in a 'Services' type of menu panel when I share.

    - Rethinking the home screen
    The home screen with the grid of app icons has remained basically unchanged since iOS 1. There have been different metaphors tacked on over time like multitasking and folders. But it's starting to look a bit dated, especially with the smart ways Windows Phone is presenting data to the user and Android's use of widgets. I'd like to see a Apple rethink this and come up with a smart solution that is better than anything else out there. A grid of icons is not particularly inspired anymore.

    - Rethinking multitasking
    Clicking the home button twice to bring up another row of icons to multitask feels very clunky and is a poor implementation of multitasking. I'd like to see Apple completely revamp this in iOS 6. The way Web OS handles multitasking is superb and even the failed Meego did this much better. There has to be a better way than what we have today.

    - Siri API
    Apple needs to make a Siri API so that developers can hook their apps into it. This is a no brainer and will help Siri become much more useful.

    - Better Maps and introduce Navigation
    There have been a lot of rumours that Apple are working on a new Maps solution. This is desperately needed because Maps on iOS are looking stale and unloved. I want to see new features that leapfrog the competition. Android is running rings around iOS when it comes to Maps and Navigation.

    - Something new
    It's time for Apple to surprise us again in iOS.

    What do you want to see?
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    Hi,I was the one that created the thread that has been linked and since i like your ideas may you repost them on my thread thanks.:)
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    Thanks, didn't see it, will do.

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