iOS 7.1 Multitask does anti-aliasing

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by kwokaaron, Mar 11, 2014.

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    Seems like the multitask screen does some sort of anti-aliasing on the application screenshots. If you enter the multitask screen, the current app open will not have the anti-aliasing. However, if you switch to another app and open the multitask screen again, the previous app will have the anti-aliasing treatment. Text and icons appears to be slightly blurred.

    Not sure if its visible in the image but the "Settings" text as well as the curves on icons should show the effect the clearest. Also, the anti-aliasing seems to help show the thin lines in the list that don't appear

    *It appears to happen on the iPhone 5. It might work on other devices as well. iPhone 4 & 4S doesn't seem to do that.

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    You seem to be right. Maybe it was there on iOS 7 as well, but I never noticed it until now. You can see it if you look at Safari in the tab view in multitasking. If it's the current app, the edges of the 3D tabs look jagged. If it's not the current app, they are smooth.

    You can observe a difference in apps with lists as well. Bring into multitasking and some of the grey lines separating contact names will be missing. If Contacts is not the current multitasking app, all the lines will be intact.

    Current apps are live previews so maybe that is why they are not antialiased.

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