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    May 30, 2010
    Not to start a contraversial discussion, but what reasons do you prefer iOS? I'm a mac user, and until January I was fully invloved in the apple ecosystem. I saw many doctors come into my store from the nearby hospital with phablets that, in my opinion made my i4S look outdated. I decided to retire my i4S to my mom and get the lg g2. Recently I was I in the market for a tablet to replace my iBook g4, and naturally went for the iPad air, until I discovered the multitasking capabilities of the Galaxy note tab. I love my tablet, but I do miss my apple products. So if your an apple user who went back, what were you reasons? I've never used iOS on a tablet, how does it compare to an iPhone? Or if your a hybrid user like me, what are your reasons/experiences?

    I'm not trolling, so let's please keep this professional. I understand how worked up some can get defending their products, and in no way am I saying one is better than the other. I really want to switch back once that 5+ inch iPhone becomes a reality. .

    Thanks every one for your input.
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    Hi ShovelHead,

    I think the Andriod ecosystem has its strengths, and as the years have progressed, the products that support them have gotten better. Multitasking is a huge plus for Andriod, and I hate trying to do any productivity work on my iPad Air w/ Apple keyboard. Copy/paste is horrible, and jumping between apps and documents is a pain.

    I think the greatest strength of the iPad is media consumption. The touch responsiveness, display quality, and power are just right for playing puzzle games, browsing the web, and watching movies.

    The same goes for the iPhone. My girlfriend has an HTC OneX, and I cant stand playing video games because of the delayed touch response. Other than that though, most Android phones are as good, if not better than the iPhone. When it comes down to it, the reason I stay in the iOS ecosystem is because I am so engrained in it. I won't switch to Android because all my Apps, iMessages, Contacts, Calendar, and Photos are set up with my computer., my phone, and my tablet. I don't have anything against Andriod, the iPhone just works for me.

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    Jun 20, 2014

    I am a very big fan of Apple products. They have very intuitive user interfaces which makes them simple to use but this does not in any way make the products simple. I use a MacBook, iPad and iPhone and I love how easy it is to switch between devices. This will only get better with the new OS and iOS.

    I have never owned an android product but whenever I have played around on friends I found them really hard to use and not intuitive at all.
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    Dec 9, 2012
    Option for custom keyboards on iOS8 will make a lot of android users very happy. I can't wait for Swype/swiftkey. Might bring me back to iphone for good. (For now I have an iphone and a nexus 5 and switch between them frequently)
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    I chose iOS because of its excellent CalDAV, WebDAV, and Exchange support out of the box. I also use VZW as a carrier and they've only carried one Android phone and no Android tablets. I bought and tried the VZW Galaxy Nexus and that device was a piece of crap in that it couldn't hold a signal; I also bought and tried a GSM GNex with prepaid SIM cards but couldn't get decent coverage (I'm in the Pacific NW where coverage holes are bigger than some Eastern states...).

    I tried but didn't like any of the other skinned Android-based phones (Sense, Touchwiz - which I can't stand!, and Motoblur) - they just get in my way.

    I also don't rely on Google services too much, and Apple's iOS ecosystem Google apps meet my needs. And in that vein, Google's support for other services pale in comparison to Apple's support for other company's services. And, I'm a Symbian S60 convert - I'm so over endlessly tweaking my mobile handsets... :D

    Regardless of which platform you choose, it's all good. ATTWS has drastically improved the reach of their network here in the past 18 months, and my contracts on VZW (all with GFed UL data!) are up in the next three weeks. I've put myself on the list to try out an iPhone 5S to test drive T-Mobile's network, and I'm also demoing iOS 8 on one of my iPhone 5 handsets. So, I'm still shopping around...
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    For me....

    iOS is better in two basic things IMHO:

    1-App Store is more organized and with useful software than the Google Play Store

    2-Battery life on my Android headset is in some way an annoyance. Not in the iPhone I had almost a year and bought used....

    Still, these are some early impressions, in my case....:eek:

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    Mar 24, 2009
    Convert... The wrong way...

    Let me start I'm a massive Apple fan, however...

    Recently I deciced to divide my Home/Work life by buying another phone. I had seen by using IFTT on iOS that Android had some extra functions that I though handy (like being able to text back people automatically, say if you missed a call I could ask them to email me back, instead of leaving a voicemail). So I thought, why not 'know the enemy' and I got a Google Nexus 5.

    I've had it exactly a week and besides having 2 major 'bad points'; bad battery life and the lock button being in the wrong spot for a 'right handed' person, it in every other way its a better phone than my iPhone 5s:eek:!

    I really can't say anything bad about it, there are apps that Apple would consider 'naughty' on the play store, that to be honest I find handy; "Call Recorder Pro" for example, I can, for my own memory, record calls and play them back later to 'refresh' my memory ***Note: I don't use it for any legal or litigation reasons*** . Coupled with the extra functions IFTT has on the Android, for me, its just simply better.

    In short 'don't hate' if you like the iOS great, but know its way more limited than Android.

    Hopefully Apple will better itself with iOS 8, though it'll have to be big to be able to convert me back to preferring using the iPhone for business!

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