ios 7 battery usage vs standby?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by aimee.elizabeth, Jul 14, 2013.

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    So I fully charged my iphone 5 running ios 7 in hoping to give it another battery test. I've been using it for almost an hour, and I've been surfing on Safari over wifi and listening to music at the same time. When I look at my usage stats however, it says my phone has been 50 minutes usage and 50 standby, even though I've been surfing and listening to music concurrently. So does this mean the phone will recognize that one process is considered idle and the other active? I always just thought they would be lumped together as actual usage.

    And how does this affect the battery life?
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    Standby time is the time that your phone has been "on" since you last charged it. Usage time is the time that your phone has been in use since the last charge.

    If you browse the web for the first 50 minutes after unplugging the device, then both usage and standby will be the same. If you set your phone down for 20 minutes before browsing for 50 minutes without touching it, usage will be roughly 50 minutes and standby will be 1 hour 10 minutes.
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    Ohh, okay that makes more sense, thanks :)
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    I'm also curious about the Standby mode. hahaha. i thought that;s when you turn your phone on. Now i know what's really the meaning. waaaaaa :eek:
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    Turn on keychain from icloud settings panel!!!!!!!!!!!.
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    i was having really a big problem with the battery after i installed the iOS7 but with the release of Beta 3 everything seems normal again, not just normal i think it's a bit better than the normal, currently i can easily get through 1 whole on a single charge(not a heavy user) , really happy with iOS7

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