iOS 7 beta 2 statistically downgrades Safari from beta 1

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by EllieV, Jun 26, 2013.

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    Hi, I'm running iOS 7 beta 2 on my iPhone, and upon going to, which tests a browser's compatibility with HTML 5 features, I noticed the browser had a slight downgrade from beta 1. Beta 1 scored 404 (out of 500) with 9 bonus points, and beta 2 now scores 399 and 9 bonus points. For context, current iOS 6 Safari scores 378 and 8 bonus points.
    Tracking down the change, beta 2 loses 5 points because it does not support "Shared Workers", whereas beta 2 does.
    Doing some internet searching, a worker is "A web worker is a JavaScript that runs in the background, independently of other scripts, without affecting the performance of the page."
    Now It seems like a "Shared worker" is a worker, but it can access multiple connections and can be accessed by any script that comes from the same domain".
    I'm not a programmer and don't know much what this means, but can anyone clarify, are 'shared workers' even necessary on a mobile device? And why would Apple reduce the functionality of a browser?
    I have screenshots, but I don't know how to add them.

    Sources on what a worker/shared worker is:,
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    With regards to the particular feature, I don't see why it won't be as useful mobile as it is on desktop. It will most likely be back at some point.

    The reason it was removed is pretty hard to tell w/o being part of the team at Apple who worked on this and related features but if I were to guess:

    • Implementation was buggy, decided to remove and fix in a later build or
    • Other related/tied-in feature affected this one, had to take it down and re-align the two for proper release

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