iOS 7 Beta summary so far.

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  1. Armen, Aug 2, 2013
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    Apr 30, 2013
    Here's my summary of the Betas so far. Take it in jest.

    Beta 1

    "OMG it's here! iOS 7! So cool!":D
    " It's Flat it sucks!":mad:
    " No it doesn't suck! Flat is awesome!":D
    " I hate these icons!":mad:
    " The icons are ok!":)
    "worst iOS ever!" /throws self from bridge

    Beta 2

    "It's ok I just wish they would do something for battery life" :(

    Beta 3

    "Woot the battery life is better!" :D
    "WTF why did my phone turn off! :mad:
    "It's bricked!" :(
    "Home + power button you say? whoah it's NOT bricked!" :D
    "Why aren't I getting calls!" :mad:

    Beta 4

    "Yes!, they fixed the phone turning off problem!" :D
    "Yes!, I can receive calls again!" :D
    "Woot, the battery life is even better!" :D
    "WTF is a panic plist? Did my iphone just bleed to death in a different color and reboot?" :confused::mad:
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    ok then.....:eek:

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