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    iOS 7 is officially in beta!

    Many forum members are curious as to what is new in the latest version of iOS 7 so I decided to start a thread with an FAQ, a changelog and screenshots!
    (Yes, I saw the sticky thread here. But I felt like making one of my own. If any MODs feel differently, I'll happily abandon it.)


    • What is "iOS 7"?
      iOS 7 is next generation operating system (OS) for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. iOS 7 was unveiled at WWDC 2013 in San Francisco, California on June 10th.
    • So, how do I get it?
      Well, iOS 7 is in beta and as usual Apple has made iOS 7 beta only available to registered developers.
    • But my friend has it and he's not really a developer!
      For whatever reason, some people have decided to pay the $99 registration fee and have become an official developer just to get access to the beta. Others have also paid for UDID slots to register their device on a developers account and then downloaded the beta from an unofficial source. If you are not intending to actually develop and test your own app on iOS 7 then it is not recommended you try to install it on your device. Any requests or offers for UDID slots is prohibited on these forums. See here for more info.
    • Then when will it be available?
      This Fall. No more information was given by Apple.
    • Is my device compatible with iOS 7?
      Currently, the only devices compatible iOS 7 Beta 1 are:
      - iPhone 5 (Model A1428)
      - iPhone 5 (Model A1429)
      - iPhone 4S
      - iPhone 4 (GSM Rev A)
      - iPhone 4 (GSM)
      - iPhone 4 (CDMA)
      - iPod touch (5th generation)

      Although iPad is not listed, it is expected to be available sometime soon.
      Compatibility with iOS 7 is subject to change.


      - The default font used across iOS 7 is Heveltica Neue Light
      - All stock apps have had their icons redesigned with a flatter and brighter look.
      - The signal bars in the system menu bar has been replaced with 5 circles from left to right.
      - While charging, a new pulsating bright green lighting bolt icon appears to the right of the battery in the system menu bar.
      - Spotlight search has been moved to the top of every springboard page accessible by pulling down from anywhere in the homescreen outside the dock and system menu bar.
      - The dock has replaced the glass shelf with a translucent background.
      - App names no longer have a drop shadow.

      - A new second page in the compass app reveals a level tool.

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