IOS 7 GM - Bug in Task Manager when closing 2 apps at once?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by michjosi, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. michjosi macrumors newbie

    Aug 15, 2013
    When closing apps with 2 fingers in Task Manager sometimes it happens that after the first close of 2 apps the second screen still shows the icon of the previously closed app. Hard to describe, have a look at these screenshots:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    In this example I closed "Reminders" and "Calendar". But "Calendar" is still shown after closing, but without showing the Image. Issue happens only randomly, but I guess for me in 25% of all double closing with 2 fingers.

    Anybody else has this minor glitch?
  2. bbfc macrumors 68030


    Oct 22, 2011
    Newcastle Great Park, England.
    Try reset all settings and see if that fixes it.
  3. Caris macrumors 6502a


    Sep 25, 2006
    Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
  4. qbiq macrumors member

    Jul 22, 2011
    Old bug, i think i submitted this bug back in beta 4 or 5.
  5. michjosi thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 15, 2013
    OK, so let's hope Apple will fix that in some iOS 7.x release.
    Thanks for your answers.
  6. aslucher macrumors member

    Mar 13, 2008
    Happens to me all the time. I feel like less and less as the betas went on tho. I just got into the habit of swiping that app closed again and 99.9% of the time for me it closes it out the second time.
  7. taz79 macrumors newbie

    Jun 3, 2012
    By the way how to submit bugs to apple? I found in the GM like in the previous beta... the play/pause button in control center sometimes does not work to play or pause ipod music ... after rebooting it will start to work...but after sometimes, I should reboot again my iPhone 5.

    Reboot time on GM faster ...
  8. G4qber macrumors newbie

    Apr 13, 2015

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