General iOS 7 & huge Music Volume Drops in Cambridge DAC Cradle! >:-(

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by HeadshotSK, Dec 8, 2013.

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    Dec 30, 2011
    My former iPhone with a cracked screen sits in a gorgeous Cambridge device called the iD100.
    It's Toslinked into my receiver.

    For 6 months this thing has been a dream setup!
    Spotify, Music synced w my Mac back home, perfect.

    So I thought maybe I'd get a better WiFi boost, brought it home, and installed iOS 7 finally.

    Get it back to my storefront, and almost EVERYTHING played through it begins at normal volume and then drops like
    a rock to about 20% of it's volume, at best!!!!!!

    And for some reason only 1 Album is immune to it. Zappa's YCDTOSA II.

    I'm seeing a lot of people with this problem!
    How on earth can they let this go 2 updates already without fixing this?
    I mean it pretty much renders this device useless, as this is my main go to for music in my store.

    Happens only in OLDER tracks with a lot of noise and analog junk, like 30's - 40's, Even Stan Getz which is pristine for being 50+ years old.

    - Volume is all the way up (greyed out actually without a slider knob)
    - Happens in Spotify, Pandora & the iPod function
    - iPhone 4
    - uses chargin connector to extract the digital code through into the cambridge device where it's converted

    Don't know what else to say! I'm desperate!!?? My big opening reception is Thursday and without the ability to revert back to the OS that worked, it's now a HUGE lemon!!!!!

    Plays normal for about 2 seconds and just drops to a fraction of its signal!!
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    Dec 30, 2011
    To answer my own question, I'd at the same time received an upgrade in receivers about the same time I'd upgraded iOS7 and it was a source thing. It was trying to parse 5 channels on 2 channel stereo, and the missing rears it was trying to place weren't hitting the fronts. So anything that resembled background noise (older recordings) was getting lost.

    On to 2-ch and it's all good.

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