IOS 7, iPhone 5 and Apple earbuds/headphones - bug?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by kc5deb, Sep 24, 2013.

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    Jan 10, 2009
    Came across this the other night, and I'm trying to find out if it's just my phone, or something odd with IOS 7.

    Just to start out, IOS 7, iPhone 5, Apple earbuds, Apple charge cable, and Apple AC/USB wall wart; no 3rd party off the wall generic charger, cable, etc.

    I can absolutely reproduce this %100 of the time, and with 3 different sets of Apple earbuds (one pair that had never been out of the case).

    With the earbuds in, AND the phone charging, I get very erratic things happening on my phone, from apps opening on their own, to the volume suddenly going all the way up and the inability to change the volume. The clicks on the earbud controls are also very laggy, and don't always work. I'll use the phone's volume up/down, and the volume returns to max.

    If I unplug the charge cable, the issues go away immediately, and the headphones work like they always have.

    Same if I unplug the headphones; no erratic behavior.

    I know for a fact this never occured with IOS 6.x, because I was always listening to music/radio in bed with my phone charging, and never had these issues before.

    Some more testing with a pair of Westone earbuds, and while they don't have a volume up/down button, they don't have the same issues.

    But, on some testing with some older regular Apple headphones, they also have some glitchy things that occur (volume up/down stops working, very sluggish pause/play, and also goes away when the charge cable is unplugged. Not sure if the older headphones had this issue with the iPhone 5, because after the iPhone 5, I have always used the earbuds.

    Has anyone else come across this, or able to verify if it does or does not occur with their iPhone 5 and apple earbuds?

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