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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by djtech42, Jul 24, 2013.

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    Prepare for a wall of text. :D

    When I first saw iOS 7, I was surprised at the bad design of the icons and the general look of the operating system. Simple things like exaggerated gradients (and gradients in opposite directions on one screen), light text on translucent backgrounds, and text replacing buttons seemed to scream "This goes against all design rules!" Looking at screenshots on Apple's website and Macrumors seemed to confirm how terrible the new operating system looked. I still had hope though, that the experience would somehow make up for it all.

    And it did. I installed iOS 7 Beta 3 despite all the warnings about kernel panics and missed calls, not to mention the fact that I don't have a developer account :)eek:Oh boy. Here come the complaints. :rolleyes: I develop software though, just not for iOS, so I understand beta software) Luckily, my install started out with the light text option instead of bold text, which introduced me to a totally different looking iOS.

    And it is beautiful. Looking at the OS on an actual phone screen with all the animations and dynamic aspects makes a HUGE difference. My phone has come back to life. The boring iOS 6 Windows Vista-like look and way of doing things is finally gone, and I actually enjoy using my phone again.

    Looking at the operating system as a whole vs. looking at specific details is where the major difference lies. Jony Ive's approach with iOS 7 is different than iOS 6 in the way that he integrates all the parts of the operating system into a perfect, simple, natural, and fresh way of doing things. The icons and design decisions may seem weird, unnatural, or downright stupid when looking at them individually. But looking at everything combined into a product, just like the iPhone itself, brings out the beauty of iOS 7.

    I have found that through using the operating system, I am beginning to like and actually enjoy the new icons. When I am using an OS like iOS 7, I want simple and colorful icons. It is a delightful surprise compared to the rumors (black and white interface). All of the things that bothered me about individual elements in the operating system don’t seem to matter anymore. If anything, these so-called “problems” improve the operating system.

    Luckily, I haven’t had too many bugs with the beta. Apple seems to be doing a good job of releasing betas frequently. I can tell they really care about this release. I think iOS 7 will be good for Apple, not a disaster. People will learn to like it once they use it.

    Anyway, these were just my thoughts about iOS 7 and all the complaints that have been posted in these forums. If you haven’t used iOS 7 yet, don’t write it off just yet. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you get to experience it firsthand. So, my question to you would be, have you had the same experience with iOS 7? Do you think it will be a huge improvement to the iPhone?
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    As I was reading that I became increasingly more aware that it sounded almost like a reworded Jony Ives speech. Weirdest feeling ever..

    On to the topic, I couldn't agree more. Screenshots and individual images of icons don't do iOS 7 any justice.
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    Jul 29, 2012
    Well, for me it has been the exact opposite.
    Love'd iOS 7 in the Keynote, hate it in "real life".
    It's to damn colorfull.
  4. KenAFSPC, Jul 24, 2013
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    No to the first question. As for whether it will be a huge improvement, that would depend on the decisions Apple makes between now and release. I'm not a big fan for many of the reasons articulated by mcdj.

    I have a number of other concerns too, such as the lengthy animations which seem cool until you realize that they make every operation in IOS7 slower and more cumbersome than IOS6.
  5. fullauto, Jul 24, 2013
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    I feel iOS 7 looks more like Windows Vista than iOS 6.

    Have been using it on an iPad mini for several weeks and have grown to like it.


    Home screen on wake.
    Animations including parallax, hover menus in Safari, zooming in and out of apps.
    Layered feeling overall.
    Control centre.


    Length of animations and inability to stop an animation, resulting in double taps (beta - yeah yeah).
    Only 9 items in a folder.
    Butchering of photos, as quoted, too much fuss from camera to get to pictures.
    Too much white in some apps inc. Safari, Notes.
    Yellow on white in Notes.
    Using it on a mini as the resolution sucks on all these new 'thin' elements.
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    Jul 17, 2008
    To each their own, but I loved the "boring" look of iOS 6, and qute enjoyed using it. It did what it needed to do without calling attention to itself, which is what I think operating systems should do. iOS 7, to my mind, is too flashy and attention seeking. Contrary to Ive's stated goals, I feel like wiith iOS 7, it's the operating system that draws your eyes, to the detraction of content. I could probably grow to tolerate it, but I can't imagine I'd ever enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed iOS up to 6.

    But then, I like Windows (up to 7, not the horrible hybrid 8) better than OS X, so it might just be that my personal aesthetic taste doesn't lean that way.

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