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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by emir, Jun 27, 2013.

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    - When you receive a call, even if your phone is locked at the time, the options to reply with a message or to be reminded later are there, just above the slide to answer. So when you are getting it out of your pocket to answer your phone, you are highly likely to touch either one which makes your caller receive a text or just get hang up. With iOS 6 we can slide a thing upwards to reveal those features. Hope they change that.
    -The most important one. (for me) When you swipe at lock screen to quickly launch camera, you can't go back to the lock screen by swiping from the top. At iOS 6 you can swipe up from the camera icon to launch camera and when you are done simply swipe down to go back to lock screen. I use that so much. You can't do that at iOS 7 at this stage. I hope they bring that back.
    - Too much white, can't distinguish almost. Disturbingly white.
    - Icons need some work. So I can say UI in general needs some more work.
    - I don't like the music app in general. It's just not as convenient and good looking as the old one. The music controls and cover at 'Now Playing' page. The way you view the albums at Artists page. The new shuffle and replay buttons which are just texts. It just doesn't work and I don't think I'll ever get used to it. Hope they re-design that, highly unlikely though.
    - Love the collections at photos app but then again, white borders, don't work. Also they need to bring back the map view called 'Places'. I loved looking at places I've been to and filling up the world map.
    - In general it's really battery consuming, charges really slow and it is slow itself and crashes constantly. That's all because of beta (that's the point) of course but let's hope they get it near perfect by GM.
    - Also, why restrict contact photos only with favourites? Looks good just do all of them.
    - you can only tell your phone is being charged by a tiny lightning next to your battery at upper right corner. That sucks and most people will not get that. It should be like in iOS 6, lock screen filled with the battery.
    - Notification banners both at lock screen and the ones you get when you are doing something are huge. They're giant. They should make it smaller. When phone is unlocked it blocks your view even tho you can push it away. At lock screen you can see like 2 notifications at once.
    - Control center is great, I love the flashlight and brightness but they should give us options to customise it. I want to be able to switch 3G on and off from there.

    So yeah, this is my take on iOS 7. Tested at iPhone 4S. All in all they just need to tweak some features, work on battery life a lot, slight UI changes and make it stable. It's great after all that but that is still a lot of work to do till Fall. We believe in you Apple. Make it happen!
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    Speak for yourself...

    I don't believe in Apple. And most of what you mentioned is fine. So instead of swiping down to lock it just hit the power button on top - then it is locked and off and ready to go back in your pocket.

    Most everything looks better except all the white and the icons need work. And hopefully they get rid of the rubbish text weather description in notification center and put a weather image. No one wants to sit there and read what the low and high temps will be in a paragraph.
  3. sankyo, Jun 27, 2013
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    Music app definately needs an overhaul. I want to be at the music controls, when you start a song, it's supposed to show the music controls! :mad:

    I think they just want to put iTunes Radio in front of our face. :mad:

    I never use any of the Apple bloat.
    I'm guessing they thought it would be better because before, when your iPhone charged, you never knew what percentage it's at.

    And actually, in iOS 6, whenever it was done charging, it would show a plug, did that mean that we were supposed to unplug it right then? :confused:

    Either way, yeah, it's not that practical. :eek:

    Lol, yeah who do they think they are, the weather channel? LOL.

    They should've let Siri do that, or not, the weather isn't ever accurate anyway. :rolleyes:
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    Jul 29, 2012
    Wrong. You could see the percentage if you activated from Settings / Usage.
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    Oct 25, 2009
    This appears to be a minor bug - but I haven't had any issues answering calls. Let ring 0.5 milliseconds more and gain your composure before you answer :)

    Hit the lock button twice? This is barely even a gripe, and frankly I'm glad it's this way. I ****ing hated going back to the lock screen by accident.

    It's a beta. It's not finished. It's not even halfway through development yet mate. Give it time.

    See above.

    I have noticed hardly any changes to this. The album artwork stays the same and the controls have only changed colour? :s

    What is wrong with that? It takes the iTunes artist picture and uses that instead of the album artwork. A massive improvement in my opinion.

    I can only assume those are placeholders. I can't imagine they'd keep it this way - even if they do it's at least super obvious what they do and I don't mind at all and don't see why this is even worth mentioning.

    Hate to spoil the hate train; hit "Photos", "Collections", "Years", then click on the location listed above the years. Simple. There's nothing wrong with iOS 7, you just don't know how to use it :eek:

    This one is my favourite.

    What do you expect from a beta? Mine works fine by the way, but even if it didn't I wouldn't have a single gripe because it's a got-damned beta. How could you possibly expect it to function like a proper OS off the bat?

    One word: Volume.

    I have 538 contacts. Give or take 20 numbers which aren't direct people, you seriously think I have pictures of all of those people? Coming from a jailbroken individual, it looks damn awful when every other person is a silhouette.

    ****ing christ no. This is one of my favourite changes in iOS 7.

    Perhaps you missed this? [​IMG] Or maybe if that wasn't obvious enough, this?[​IMG]

    It blocks your view of what? The navigation bar which is almost as antiquated as iOS is anyway? It doesn't get in the way of navigating through menus either because you can just swipe through them.

    Vaguely valid complaint. I haven't a clue why the hell you would need to turn 3G off constantly but I still think command centre should be customisable.
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    Ok, most of the arguments you make don't make any sense. Here we go;

    I'm not sure you quite got what I meant. That is the interface itself, how is it a bug? Do you mean they will make it hidden like iOS 6 again and you'll need to swipe up again to reveal? That is the interface right now.

    Fair enough but I like it that way, feels easier and more convenient. It's all relative.

    Let's hope so. I really want to believe this.

    I feel like there's a drastic change rather than a "color" change. At previous iOSs it felt like artwork was behind in between frames and at this one it feels like it's floating up, in between two white plates and there's empty space in between. Also the music controls where you drag the counter to skip, rewind etc are at the bottom instead of the top. Looks uglier and less convenient. How did you miss that?

    At iOS 6. When you click on an Artist, it showed all the albums of the artist and you picked an album. Now, albums are the headers and it lists all the songs of the album before you can see the next one. It's huge. Not an improvement at all. If I know I want to listen to that artist I want to see through al the albums and pick one, than pick a song in that album. I have to scroll for a long time to see the last album with this. Which in my opinion sucks.

    Assumptions. Again it's a part of the ugly music app. That might be the biggest thing I don't like about iOS 7. I love music and spend a lot of time with that app. (although the grid that replaced coverflow is better.)

    Hate to ruin your moment but what about 2012, 2011, 2010? Now my phone shows the locations of my photos from "all years" it was taken at. Also, this isn't a hate train. I seriously like iOS 7 and I was just pointing out stuff I think that needs improvement. Why so offensive?

    Read my post again. I say that it is a beta and I am aware of that. Just wanted to point it out. I was trying to say there's a long way to go.

    You are kinda right on this one however instead of a silhouette they give their initials. Which might look cool.

    For you it might be obvious but most of the people that are not geeks or in to this stuff will be like: "Is this charging?" It's less obvious and that thing is just the moment you plug it in.

    It might block the view of the game I'm playing? I might not want to bother swipe through them? It's a notification it just needs to grab a little of my attention and be readable and optionally cool looking. It doesn't need to take away a giant proportion of my screen real estate. It's even worse at lock screen, two notifications at once... Hope they fix this before the final release.

    Umm, for battery? The times I don't need fast data it makes a huge improvement on the battery side. My 4S barely gets through the day, most of the days it even doesn't get through the day. Some people might want to toggle something else. We should at least be able to customise that area.

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