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Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by mortenandersen, Jun 16, 2013.

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    Apr 9, 2011
    There is thread about iOS 7 on iPhone 4, and I think there also should be a thread about iOS 7 on iPhone 5, because I assume that iOS 7 was made with the soon to come next version of the iPhone (that is: iPhone 5S, supposedly) in mind.

    Are there some limitations known about running iOS 7 on iPhone 5? For instance speedwise, or some features that will not work as good as one must have reason to expect?

    I hope this will be answered in a negative way, so that also the thread will be short. And of course, one has to take into consideration that there now only is a beta version of the iOS 7 to be evaluated.

    But, nevertheless: How good (or not so good) is iOS 7 (beta) on iPhone 5 today?
  2. Aylan macrumors regular


    Jun 3, 2013
    iOS 7 on the iPhone 5 is surprisingly great! It is a beta 1 so there are a few issues here and there but it is quite functional as your main OS. I have yet to see any battery issues as other have reported.

    If I had to pick one thing that can be annoying is the fact that some of the animations (app opening/closing, multitasking, folder opening/closing) seem a bit slow compared to iOS 6. I am sure this will be sped up by the time GM hist but that is my one complaint.

    Also, running iOS 7 will make you appreciate just how mature and rock solid iOS 6 is. This is a great direction for Apple but I am sure there will be TONS of tweaks coming to make sure iOS 7 feels as refined and as rock solid as iOS 6.

    The UI is amazing and it complements the iPhone 5 quite well.

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