iOS 7 represents the post Steve Jobs era of Apple

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by KimIlSung, Jun 13, 2013.

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    iOS 7 is the first new design from Apple that Steve Jobs was not involved with, aside from the next Mac Pro. Everything previous, including the iPhone 5, had his involvement.

    Apple may still have a lot of the key players and talent like Jony Ive with the company, but that's not enough to keep them where they were during the past decade. It's painfully obvious that replacing Steve Jobs with Tim Cook would inevitably have a detrimental effect to the company. While Cook may be good at managing his VP's, and giving sincere apologies to his shareholders, he's definitely not as keen on products and design, nor does he have the vision, uncompromising attitude, or the influence Jobs had on his teams.

    iOS 7 reveals Apples future trajectory. I could not see iOS going this way under Jobs. I believe he would have either kept iOS visually and aesthetically the same fundamentally, or he would have gotten his iOS team to produce a new design that was fresh and stylish, while retaining the cohesive, consistent, and familiar design that Apple is associated with.

    I think Steve Jobs best quality was his decision making. Knowing what projects to green light, and what projects to shelve. Knowing what ideas to dismiss, and which to develop. It's these decisions that he made that led Apple in one of the most drastic corporate turnarounds in history during the 90's.

    iOS 7 clearly contains many flaws and details that he would have said no to. The departure is jarring, and while iOS and OSX shared a symnetry, they are now uncharacteristic of each other.

    To be fair, I know we are looking at an unfinished product in beta. But I think the revisions made in beta will mostly be technical. Under the hood, bug squashing. I don't believe that much will change in the way of design, and what we see now will pretty much be what we see The design we see this fall.

    It was exciting to see Apple dominate when they were releasing their home run products. But I think most have accepted the fact that those days are over. the stock market agrees. Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, while they still put out some good products and still have plenty of money, they all had an era where they dominated, which has since ended.

    I can only hope i'm wrong, and that it's just a matter of Apple regaining their footing, and their next wave of new products does what the original iDevices did.

    I just don't believe Tim Cook can do it.
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    I think its a good thing iOS 7, Steve Jobs was remarkably stubborn, he basically had to be bullied just to put iTunes on Windows. Without a domineering control freak at the helm they have now freedom to explore more possibilities.
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    I agree. I think Apple are finally being a bit more brave in their direction and iOS 7 is a reassuringly good piece of proof IMO.
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    You should check out this article:

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