iOS 7 Safari. How do I save new bookmark to a new folder at the same time?


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Jun 26, 2014
I'm dumbfounded.
I'm on ios7 using an iphone, on Safari...
and I find a page I want to bookmark.

So I click the "share" button, click "Bookmark" to add it. Fine. Then I get options to choose a folder to store it in. Yay!
But nay! There is no option to "choose" a NEW folder that doesn't already exist! I don't want to put a chicken Provençal recipe in my music folder OR my work folder. I want a new food folder. Der...

So do I REALLY have to:
1. click Cancel,
2. click the bookmarks menu,
3. click Edit,
4. click New Folder,
5. type the name of new folder,
6. click Done.
7. click Done again.
8. err... So "done" doesn't mean done apparently, so click Done YET AGAIN
9. then click the share button
10. click Bookmark
11. click Location
12. choose the folder
13. click Save?


I don't know what people think is a normal number of steps to take to do something simple on a smartphone, but to me this seems like too many.

Am I wrong?
Am I being stupid? Is there an easier way?

Am I the only one who finds this infuriatingly inefficient?


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Jun 26, 2014
I agree, I got a bit carried away along the lines.

Ultimately, I'm reaching out for suggestions from those who also think it's not good enough (for all the money we've spent on these machines). Rather than a lazy shrug of the shoulders. I dunno. Use your imagination. Like, "use another browser, 'x' is really good..."
Apathy never got anything done, did it?
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