iOS 7 WiFi speed throttling?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by shmerls, Jan 19, 2014.

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    This could be an iOS 7, router or combo of the 2 issue. My hope is to create some definitive diagnoses and fixes for this issue. I apologize for the length.


    Since upgrading from iPad 1 w iOS 5, and upgrading my iPhone 5 to iOS 7, I notice (and can repeat issue) that if either device streams video for 2 - 3 hours, my download speed drops from approx. 20+ Mbps download to .6 Mbps every time.

    I have:

    iPad Air iOS 7
    iPhone 5 - iOS 7
    D-LINK DIR-655 2.4 Ghz 1 channel router
    ISP: Time Warner Cable
    Account: 30 Mbps download, 5 Mbps up


    My Mac Pro that uses Ethernet always gets around 33 Mbps down and never drops speed regardless how long it streams video, same DIR 655 router.

    Temporary Fix:
    I've learned I can restore my iDevice speed by

    1. Turn ON Airplane Mode
    2. WiFi turns OFF
    3. Turn WiFi ON
    4. Re select router (login if prompted)
    5. Speed Test (good to keep same server for more accurate comparisons)

    My download speed will restore to the 20's.

    Since this doesn't happen with my iPad 1 on iOS 5, or my iPhone 5 on iOS 5 or 6, I'm inclined to blame iOS 7, but it could be that iOS 7 doesn't play we'll with my older D-LINK router (5+ years old).

    I note multiple thousands of similar complaints, but hardware isn't the same but many complaints point to "since upgrading to iOS 7... Etc."

    Culprit? Since my Mac Pro can stream all day, and my iPad 1 and iPhone pre iOS 7 could too, this would these souls seem to rule out my ISP as the throttle culprit.

    AppleCare denies any knowledge of this and refuses to acknowledge the numerous complaints on this on Apple Discussions and other Forums as it's Apple policy to only listen to internal memos and not use the Internet for any back up research whatsoever.

    FWIW, I did a Google search on "iOS 7 WiFi problems" and got 150,000,000 returns many of the opening Google results pages pointing to Apple Discussions posts, here too.

    My next test will be to try a new router even though DLINK too says this older router works fine with iOS 7 and it's 2.4 channel speeds we'll exceed my 30 Mbps needs and after fully reviewing my router config, a senior advisor gave my router his blessing.

    Last point: having owned Apple hardware since 1985, when ever I had a problem, Apple would trouble shoot extensively, or request the unit be sent in, or when they opened their stores would even make a Genius Bar appt for me to bench test or drop off.

    In all my calls on this to AppleCare, they've done none of this and not even offered possible things to try like a new modem. I continually get from the reps in Tier 1 and 2 that they never heard of this issue, are always unimpressed with all the chatter online, and offer no help or even to replace my 1 month old iPad Air.

    I've never seen Apple so unimpressed, unmotivated or unconcerned before. If anything, they have been a bit combative when I suggest possible reasons based on my usage and observations and hunches. I hate to say, but it's lime they know and are covering up as if it is an iOS 7 issue and their plan is to fix it quietly and fix with the next iOS 7 release, to keep a real problem out of Wall Street's ear shot.

    1. Has any one else had similar throttle problems? (What hardware and iOS?)

    2. Has anyone cured them?

    3. If so, how?

    4. Does anyone have router recommendations?

    5. Has anyone encountered router model or settings problems?

    6. Configuration suggestions for iDevices or routers?

    7. Other?

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    My love / hate relationship with Belkin eventually turned to hate ;) and I threw my hands in the air and bought a Time Capsule and never had a problem nor looked back.

    I'd recommend an AirPort Extreme and if you do pony up an extra C Note and get a Time Capsule for your Mac's backups. I do think it's money well spent but here's the thing: I'm too old and cranky to watch two vendors play the blame game. An Apple router gives you one neck to grab and I expect AppleCare will have a little more Care. Buy it from somewhere with a generous return policy and see if it makes a difference and then make a decision. Or get a different high-end router.

    But in the spirit of trying to help, there's a lot of variables and here's a generic troubleshooting guide (latest firmware, blah blah blah). Also, I have no problem believing that iOS 7 is the sole culprit and hope Apple makes it better.
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    Jul 24, 2008
    Pacific Northwest, US

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