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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by Rodan52, Aug 15, 2015.

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    This is an odd one and if it had been just an isolated instance i wouldn't bother to mention it here but it has continued through iOS 7 and now iOS 8.
    Yesterday morning my wife picked up her phone and on opening found a notification on the Settings App that the 8.4.1 update had already downloaded and was ready to install. My identical iPhone 5s with identical settings showed nothing. I had to go to Software Updates in Settings to see that the update was indeed available. My wife clicked the Install Now button and received the EULA agreement page after agreeing the install began. My process was the same with the exception that I first had to download the update.
    We both have our iPhones plugged into power overnight and locked my settings allow Automatic App Store updates whereas my wife's does not.
    So this is odd to say the least but theres more. On the occasion of the last upgrade iOS 7 to iOS 8 the exact opposite happened. I woke to find the upgrade had already downloaded and my wife's phone simply indicated it was available.
    I'm not really complaining as we both wanted the aforementioned upgrades but I fail to see how Apple could be sending either an upgrade or an update without action from the user. If they attempted to do that their servers would melt down and of course some people may not want to update.

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    Not all devices get new software notification and/or download at the same time? Perhaps split up to alleviate server load or something else of that sort, based on some algorithm (including possibly some randomness factor that might be part of such process).
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    My wife and I also use an iPhone 5s running both on iOS8.4 and the popup appeard also recently on my iPhone and not on her iPhone (yet). We both have also the same telephone provider. No problem in my opinion. I think they roll out the update popups in batches. I see something similar with e.g. e-mail to all which my colleague receives later then I.

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