iOS 8.4 "rebooting"

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by TheBenzGuySM, Apr 11, 2016.

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    Apr 11, 2016
    I have had my iPhone 6 (7,2) jailbroken for over a year now. Currently on iOS 8.4 with Cydia 1.1.26 (en-us). Just recently it has started to "reboot" itself several times during the day. No consistency at all nor with any certain app running. I can be on a phone call and it will reboot and never drop the call. After a few seconds the call is reestablished.

    When I refer to "reboot" the phone goes dead and the apple boot screen appears. I've not installed anything new but have performed software updates via AppStore and Cydia.

    For the life of me I can't determine what is causing this to happen.
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    Work backwards. What's the latest Cydia updates you installed? Start with that. Uninstall, see if the problem goes away. Keep going until you find the problem tweak.

    Even if a tweak was stable in the past, it does not mean it won't be in the future, especially when new versions of iOS are released. There are quite a few tweaks over the course of the last few months that got updated to work with iOS 9 that have become somewhat unstable in previous versions. You just need to find out which one(s).
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    If you don't want to give up the jailbreak, try using Cydia Impactor. You will get a fresh and clean 8.4 again.
    All you need to after that is to jailbreak it again. Cydia Impactor is actualy very reliable on IOS 8.x
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    Mine does the same thing here. I'm on 6S 9.0.2 and it's been Jailbroken ever since 9.0.2 was out... often in the morning I'll wake up and it'll have rebooted overnight... annoying because then it loses the wifi connection, and I have to enter the password, etc. I've uninstalled everything, even did a full restore when I first jailbroke to make sure it was nothing left over. It's done it for a year and I've just come to accept it. My 6S+ doesn't do it, same config but on 9.1
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    Unless you've used iCleaner Pro and removed language packs. Then it is a hassle and a half and ends up not working more than doing so. Trust me, I learned that lesson in the most difficult of ways.

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