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Jan 6, 2010
This is so frustrating. I upgraded my 5S to iOS 8, Bluetooth stopped working. I then got my Plus - it worked again! I decided to exchange for a 6 after the Plus exhibited software glitches (it would reboot itself whenever I used the multitask pane). So this morning I pair my 6 with my Mini and..again no Bluetooth.

Anyone else have this? Is there a fix? I'm on 8.0.2 so that didn't help.


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Dec 20, 2012
These problems are widely reported in iOS8. There's all sorts of temporary workarounds until a fix is implemented (just do a google search). What is irritaing is that someone will respond by somehow blaming the car manufacturers for not issuing new firmware, as if they should release new firmware everytime a new iOS comes out.
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